Brian May of Queen - Signed Book - STEREOSCOPY IS GOOD FOR YOU: LIFE IN 3-D - £40

40 British Pounds + shipping

  • Includes / Certificate Plate Hand Signed by Brian May / Steampunk Owl Viewer

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They are probably taking a leaf out of Royal Mail's customer service book!  I've  emailed them 4 times in 3 weeks chasing up delayed / missing / lost / stolen parcels and had zero replies!

Glad I'm not the only one. I'm curious if the strike is affecting shipping dates.

After phoning the gallery this afternoon I have just received notification that mine is with Royal Mail. Seems like they are on their way guys. Sit tight!

i emailed them a couple of days ago asking when it will be shipped, still no reply to the email and still no shipping email.wont rush to buy from them again!

Shipping dispatch receivied.

This arrived today! The book is fairly heavy and the signed insert comes in a separate cardboard backed envelope. The only issue with the signed card is the texture makes it very hard to tell if it's live ink

Oh nice! I cant wait to get mine and check it out. did you receive shipping notice or did this show up at your door unexpectedly? As for the live ink question, there are a bunch of tricks.. Some in my collection, the best way to tell is to flip it around and shine a bright light from behind to look for pools of ink in certain spots. In this case, there should be a heavy deposit of ink at the start of the "ay" in May. It all depends on how thick the insert is though

I had the shipping notice 2 days ago, hopefully yours arrives soon also! I'll have a go at shining a light onto it, very pleased with this for £40 though

Sorry if I'm being totally stupid, but what is live ink? i.e. not a stamp or autopen?

I honestly hate the term but it means hand signed with a pen, marker, pencil, whatever. It doesn't mean the autograph is real, It could still be secretarial or autopen.. but it means this isn't stamped, printed or a preprint / part of the image itself.

Thanks Jason, much appreciated for the info.

no problem, just curious, did you get your name from the Ghostbusters quote? whenever I see a comment from you I think of Bill Murray 



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