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Steve asked me to start a new thread since some were having a lot of issues with regards to whether or not the through the mail autographs of Jerry Lee Lewis are real or not.  I will post some examples of what we have been getting recently and some know in person examples.   These TTM signatures are not cheap.  You have to pay $50 for them to his box office box.  The question is are they real or not.  Roger has said that he has never seen Mr. Lewis sign this way and it looks to perfect - like a woman's signature.  

Please post your thoughts here and examples.



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It’s for potential buyers. He has a lot of signed items for sale and it looks like everything has either PSA/DNA or JSA. 

I didn’t look at his other items. Thanks for the clarification.  It still always bugs me if someone gets an item IP and sends it to be Certed. 

No way. Completely disregard seller claims. This (the album) has every hallmark of the secretary. And from the evidence we have seen from verified in person exemplars, they are never this carefully done. Never. Signatures like this only appear through the mail.

If that’s the case, then RACC trusted seller XP Autographs is making up signing details. Again, what’s odd is that he has three Hestons for sale, one of which appears to be secretarial. I doubt that he recognizes it as such, and yet it’s the only one of the three that he doesn’t claim was obtained in person. He’s adamant that his two JLL autographs were obtained in person. Has anyone seen a known secretarial in his inventory that he claims was obtained in person?

On the front page of XP’s site, it says “Welcome on XP Autographes, France's number 1 autograph dealer who offers you hundreds of autographs from the world of movies, tv, music, sport, fashion, etc, all 100% authentics and obtained in person.”

They’re claiming all of their autographs are obtained in person, but you’re admitting they’re selling a secretarial Heston. I don’t have to look through the rest of the inventory to know that the claim of “all obtained in person” is bogus.

The JLL is another secretarial and not a valid exemplar. We have a lot of good in person autographs obtained by members of this site. No reason to muddy the waters with this one.

Regardless of that, I’m looking for a known secretarial that he claims was obtained in person. He has said that anything with signing details was obtained in person. If there’s a known secretarial on his site with signing details, I will disregard his JLLs.

I may have missed something with the 100+ pages but just wondering do you have a "dog in the hunt" ? It seems like you are the lone person trying to prove anything and everything received ttm may be authentic as if you did some ttms with them at some point. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the last few pages seems all you hoping to prove the ttms to be real.

It was pointed out to me that JLL has been using squiggly lines under his signature going all the way back to 1958.

We need video proof !

I don’t think anyone is saying he never puts a squiggle below his signature, but it does look like a tell for at least one of the secretarial versions.

To me, that one looks like the generally accepted exemplars, although I have no idea of the provenance. If it’s from 1958, then it may not be quite as relevant to today’s TTMs from an elderly JLL. 

Jason Strecker -  

Ballroom - does actually have a "dog in the hunt".  He purchased a TTM signed Jerry Lee Lewis that Roger Epperson said was signed by a "woman" from me.   Roger said woman before the Judith scandal even started. Think about that statement.  Roger told me it was signed from a woman, and then asked me where I got it.   Ballroom, to my knowledge he owes numerous signed JLL books during the book signings that are questionable.  So the answer is YES he has a dog in the hunt. I have a few signed TTM autographs from Jerry Lee Lewis that are all authenticated, so I have a dog in the hunt as well.  I also have about 30 signed that were not TTM.    For the record - I like Ballroom and think he is very knowledgeable when it comes to autographs, way more than myself.  But he is wrong in this case and has been for years.  He is still trying to convince himself.   Again.. with all due respect.  How many JLL autographs through the mail and signed books do you own?  

I certainly have learned a lot about JLL's signature styles since I started following this thread years ago.  I trust a certain style that I am comfortable with, and I purchase JLL based on that style.  I have no issue with Ballroom making his case for other styles, as it has lead to one of the more educational and interesting threads that I have seen on this site.  Whether I agree with his assessment or not on JLL, I have a tremendous amount of respect for his opinions and I have and will continue to use his opinions on music items as "another set of eyes".


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