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Adding this thread as they've had a lot of nice recent offerings, have interacted on the site, and seem generally good folks (in my experience)

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Cheno is a bookplate. I’ve stopped buying bookplates for the most part unless it is someone I obsess over. Part of the thrill for me is they touched the book. 

Does anyone else have any issues with bookplates? 

Of course, I can't state this with absolute certainty without having been present at the signing, but I strongly assume that most "mass-signed" books are produced in such a way that the author is given x number of copies of the page in question for signing, and the page is subsequently bound into the book in question. This greatly reduces the cost of transportation, books are heavy, so their transportation is expensive. Therefore the author doesn't touch the book itself.

Don't want to disappoint you or something, just sharing info :)

Rapper FAT JOE book

The Book of Jose w/ Signature by Fat Joe (

The Book of Jose: A Memoir - Signed Bookplate
$28.99 Ships Nov 15th, 2022

Got this today, great looking large bookplate. Even better than his Leaf Pop Century cards.

In case you don't get the email updates:

Rick Springfield will be hosting his own return engagement tomorrow night at 8PM EST with signed copies of his Working Class Dog deluxe box set. He’ll be telling stories and taking questions from fans.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and founding member of the original Alice Cooper Group, Neal Smith, will be with us on Wednesday, November 23rd to talk about his rock and roll journey and have signed copies of two of his Killsmith projects.

Gavin Rossdale of Bush will join us on November 29th and tell us about their latest release The Art of Survival.

New Wave Icon Howard Jones will join us on December 5th and will be autographing his latest CD, Dialogue.

We will be hosting a very special show live from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in San Rafael, CA on November 30th with 3 of the original choir members that sang on the original A Charlie Brown Christmas television program. Derrick Bang, foremost biographer of Vince Guaraldi will be signing copies of his book and we will be offering an exclusive, numbered autographed piece of art with the purchase of the brand new deluxe Charlie Brown Christmas set that includes never-before-released outtakes and versions of the timeless classics. We hope you will join us for this unique live event!

The streak continues...

I'm starting to think your mail person/local USPS hates you

Mine showed up perfect. I've had one major damage issue and it was the Flogging Molly which was not packed correctly at all.

I just got the Fat Joe which was shipped in a box too large but it was find and the bookplate is awesome.

It was shipped this way. I think someone at TSL is more likely the hater. I am just going to start contacting my credit card rather than their customer service which is terrible.They always blame the distributor and never stand behind anything and it has been taking sometimes a couple of months to get the problem/s resolved. The packaging was fine and there was no damage to the cd or jewel case. If this was caused during shipment the jewel case at the very least would have been crushed in the corner also since they were laying on top of each other. It's well past getting a little old.

On another TSL sidenote I had returned my Edgar Winter vinyl and they were supposed to resend the correct one with the autograph but it has been a couple of months and I have emailed a couple of times only to get crickets. Completely ignored.

As for my postal worker she's is a rocker and pretty cool and actually likes to hear the stories of what I have incoming.

Autographed Music Sale by The Rock N Roll Channel (

Some sale items hit the site this evening-- 

Bundles are 4 or 5 signed CDs, mostly Country-based- watch the video for the contents of each.

Some reduced prices on other previous recently offered items, that maybe didn't sell as well when first offered.  

Not guaranteed to arrive in time for Xmas, and only a handful of each bundle are available.  

Some good deals on there, and stuff I was initially on the fence on (Thorogood, McPhee/Foster, D Gibson, etc) I went for at these sale prices.  Shipping/processing charges seem slightly steep, but it is what it is.  

With places like Newbury scaling back their signed titles (maybe not their choice, but...), I'm glad Steve H / Ingram Entertainment, has had the offerings they've had, and while not perfect, have done me mostly right and given a chance to buy some really nice signed albums (Def Lep, Journey, etc) to own at reasonable prices.  

Thanks for posting. I added some I was on the fence about, went to checkout and they want over $25 for shipping and "process" fee.. add in tax.. $50 worth of merch comes out to $80 total.. HA..that killed the deal. What happened to media mail shipping prices? I get these are retail price but retailers are supposed to still make money selling items at retail.. It's messed up saying, we are doing this for you, enjoy the holidays with a sale.. oh wait, I take it back with overpriced shipping and unnecessary processing fee. Its like a slap in the face. Who are they kidding?

Either way, thanks for posting. Im still on the fence. This "sale" changed nothing 

If anyone wants a rundown of the mystery bundles, it starts around the 42 minute mark

Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler

The People's Champ - CD w/ Autograph by The Rock N Roll Channel on ...

The People's Champ - CD w/ Autograph $11.98
Following the recent announcement of his upcoming new album, The People’s Champ out January 27th, Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler team up once again for his new single “Let Me Down”. “Let Me Down” marks the sixth collaboration between the dynamic singer and songwriter duo, as they continue to make the most of their longstanding creative partnership. Together on “Let Me Down,” Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler paint a picture of relatable relationship regrets against a New York City backdrop. The People’s Champ features 13 brand new tracks. *Signed Card Insert* *While all signatures are authentic, the quality and placement does not qualify for a refund or exchange.* * LIMIT 2 PER HOUSEHOLD *



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