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Yeah, mine is Mahogany too. I sincerely hope it isn’t cancelled because Mahogany was the only signed Midnights edition which I was able to purchase :(

Yeah, my mahogany one is still pending too despite quite a few emails to them with them responding that they will let me know when they find out more but then don't! :( 

My Mahogany cd has now been changed to processed. Hopefully yours might?

They cancelled jade green signed vinyl and blood moon signed vinyl, seem lot of people also had them cancelled. 

It has actually changed! I no longer need to check every 5 minutes :D 

My Jade signed finally is moving so hopefully  I will see it this week 

my swifty 4 CDs haven't moved since I got fedex notice on the 18th. I ordered all 4 when they 1st came available. $20+ shipping for all to be together at the slowest shipping method possible. hopefully they aren't already lost like my Muse was.

and just like that, I sign up for fedex notifications and my shipment moved!

My blue vinyl is still not moving, but I guess there is still hope!

I followed your lead and signed up for notifications on my shipment that has been stuck for 2 weeks, an hour later it is on the move! Can't be a coincidence.

that's great! It's like they are sitting on the packages and waiting for us to beg and plead! this works for some USPS stuff too which hasn't moved. The same thing happens. It's almost like you get on someone's radar to find out what the heck is going on.

I got my blue signed vinyl two days after release. My jade and  blood moon have not moved since label creation. Not feeling hopeful. 

I should FINALLY get the rest of my signed vinyls by Friday!



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