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US is sold out already :(

Anyone in the US get an extra?  Here is another one I missed out on while I was flying today.  Let me know if anyone has an extra and we can work something out.  Thanks!

Sorry but I only ordered one which I normally would get an extra but a bunch of other stuff went on sale today and I dropped almost $300. But I wouldn't be surprised if she added more. The last few didn't sell out this fast. They were on sale pretty close to the length of the timer. So I would look again tomorrow and maybe refresh throughout the day or I am sure someone will post on here if they add more.

this one is the nicest looking one in my opinion though she has released with signature 

i wish she signed the vinyls though. y don’t these artists sign the lps and only cds? i’ll spend more it’s fine. they are so much nicer and bigger. follow billy idols lead people!!

I suspect the reason is likely because the CD booklets are small and a large number can be signed relatively quickly where a vinyl LP cover is large and they wouldn't stack very well to be signed in large numbers.

Plus it seems like she signs the covers and gives them back to the record company to be inserted and sealed. Vinyl on average takes 8-9 months from any artist sending them in the master and getting the final product back. There are a lot more cd pressing plants than vinyl so the whole process is a lot quicker. She also does this for the album to chart. The more product pushed the higher it climbs. With vinyl she doesn't really have to sign. As someone else stated she can just make a different color variant and people will buy the record again.

I’ve got my order cancelled. If anyone got an extra would consider trading with Ed Sheeran (graffiti or shivers), Elton Dua single (signed by Dua), The Killers (by Brandon).
Will have some other artists cd and books spares but haven’t received yet.

Thought this article is interesting, she talks about signing the fearless cds and its possible that her 1984 album will be released after Red

1989 will be the best signed CD yet I think I’m my opinion!! 

Still seeing a lot of complaints about canceled orders, but I'm also starting to see a few people saying theirs has actually shipped now so hopefully, we know one way or another soon

They are starting to pop up in indie stores so you may want to check if you're near one  and looking for a copy



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