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Thanks for of my fave bands :)

Did you buy just now? Shows as sold out for me - was also the case an hour ago.

Just tried it and it wasnt sold out but $13.43 + $21.06 postage/handling is abit much.

only shipping to UK address.
I got it also, when it was set to my own address it says out of stock.

It ships to USA as i guess that is why postage/shipping is high.

Thanks - it worked when I added the address for a British colleague of mine.

How hard is it to get Pet shop boys ?

should I wait for an international sell or signed LP, or just grab it, as it's rare ?

I bought MSP twice, and now I have the signed CD, which I don't really want/need (and could have ordered 2 LPs instead, one for display and one for using...)

They had signed LP size prints for their last release in the UK and signed books at Roughtrade a while back.

Crazy they just raised the price by $1.50

Always happens with Amazon, if a pre-order item is popular the price goes up within a few hours. Typically a 9.99 CD increases to 10.99 etc

How on earth did I miss that?

Quite hard in person, I've only succeeded once, but they've definitely done signed CDs and books direct in the past.



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