This ball is on eBay. Has a JSA COA. I own a handful of Ted autographs but none on a Cronin ball. It's gorgeous. What's the most you'd pay for this? I want to make a fair offer on it.

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If you really want it, it shouldn't be a question of price.

Everything is always a question of price =)

You asked and I replied.

But why would you ask one of us what we might pay for this when it's your money?

Chris - the last thing I'm looking for is anything that resembles an argument. But I'll play along...

I asked because I've had several great experiences in the forum in the past. I'm not sure how rare a quality, authentic Ted sig is on a Cronin ball. Both of my Ted baseballs are Bobby Browns. I asked in this forum to avoid overbidding for an item.

That's all, my friend.

Not looking for an argument at all, Dcorrado.

I've always been baffled by that type of question.

If you really desire it, just put forth a fair offer to the seller.

Good luck.

I agree, chris. Thank you.
That is a beauty. Ball looks flawless, too.

Is the signature contemporaneous with the ball or is it a later signature added to an old ball?

In any case, maybe a good starting point would be average FMV for a Brown ball + $100. Just a guess on the additive amount, but if you think of it in those terms, it may help.
Thanks Steve. Great advice! I think it's a later sig.

it really is a personal decision, but I also have been looking for a Williams/Cronin ball.  My preference is for one that has a time period signature on it.  This one appears to be a later signature, signed on a Cronin ball. I personally would not go more than 350 on something like this.  

Thank you as always Terrier. I stayed away. For now. It would be great to get one with a time period sig. while I have you, do you have any advice for a Ted sig on a bat? are there certain types of bats I should be looking for? Ones I should stay away from?



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