What are people's opinion on this partial set? I think they're okay.

My second question is: has anyone seen this set before? They're sold as part of a framed display so my primary concern is that they might be printed copies. The auctioneer said "DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU ARE YOURSELF SATISFIED IT IS GENUINE" (and yes they did say that in bold capitals). 

I'd hate not to have a punt on them if they're genuine, but I guess it's just plain reckless to bid on framed autographs if the auctioneers has no interest in standing behind the authenticity ....

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The signatures are authentic, as long as it’s not a photocopy ! 

agree with Beatleworld

plus 2.   Its a gamble especially if the auction house doesnt take ccards and has actually stated

"DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU ARE YOURSELF SATISFIED IT IS GENUINE' in capital letters. , - that is quite a statement from the auctioneer, - usually the auction house just states sold  'as if'.  If it turns out to be a copy you could have lost a lot of money and if it turns out to be genuine you could have turned down the chance to own a really nice genuine piece ,- so its a gamble whatever you choose

Thanks guys. It sold for about $1250 including fees. A great buy if they're genuine but more than I was willing to gamble on framed autographs. 

that is a very low price for this item.  The comment that Michelle posted above surely killed a lot of potential interest.  But if authentic (not a copy) it is a steal.

Could be a bang your head on the wall moment if it turns up at RR in a couple of months :-(

I would think the auctioneer was referring to authenticity rather than as to whether it was a copy or not but it wouldn't have taken much effort to ask the auctioneer a question.

I know forgers are clever and the autographs and hotel heading do look rather "flat" in appearance but the folds (particularly under "Rosalie") and stains do look pretty convincing.and the glass may play tricks on the eye.

Would it be possible to post an image of the whole framed item. If it was a cheap-looking (i.e. tasteless) framing job I'd be more sceptical.

Here's a picture of the whole display:

I specifically asked whether they were hand signed or facsimile, and if I could see the LOA mentioned in the description. This is the exact response I got: 

"Letter of authenticity retained by the family. Was bought from a charity auction. DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM UNLESS YOU ARE YOURSELF SATISFIED IT IS GENUINE. It is behind glass and we have not had it out of the frame."

Hardly instils one with confidence to bid!




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