Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis. And other oddities. Opinions sought. eBay seller: shjobr

I picked this up recently. Would invite opinions on this one before I mat it. Thanks.

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I'll add this one to the discussion. It's from the same eBay seller:

Interesting, Ballroom. Perhaps others will chime in. Seems a bit odd. 

Here is a link to this seller's current items for sale. Would appreciate some insights on JLL, this seller, or any signatures up for sale currently.

Here's an Elvis from the same seller. Any opinions?

I don’t believe any of these are authentic.  The “T” in both “Thanks” from the JLL signatures is exactly the same as the “T” in the “To” from the Elvis signature. The Elvis signature also looks slowly drawn as opposed to written.  Maybe I’m wrong, but these all look bad to me. 

I don’t think so either. The JLLs look unusual and unnatural while also looking quite similar.

In my opinion the Elvis is not real. Stay better away. 

I've changed the title a little. Seems this may be a bigger issue than just Jerry Lee.

looked at some of his other stuff and im not sold. bo diddly bo screws up d in diidley 

johnny cash seperates the jonny part of his name like jo      nny wierd

they look slowly drawn .anyone else seeing that . I mean this was the 50s very easy to get to these people and should be a flowing grapgh

I see that as well. Portions of some of the signatures look slowly and awkwardly drawn.

The odd-looking Jim Croce signature sold for only $133.50. I’d love to get one for that price.

im busy dealing with my nitemare so I took a quick look at ones I would know by looking at and wasn't sold

I believe we a getting a clear picture of the eBay seller. " shjobr " seems to have a number of suspect signatures for sale and sold in the past.

WARNING. Avoid this seller or proceed with extreme caution!

Here he is. I think I have several more, possibly under another ID.

Click for full image:


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