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Disclaimer: As some already know, Charliedaniels.com is about as openly political as much of his work was and is. This post, including this disclaimer, is not intended as an endorsement or a rejection of the particular politics celebrated in those places (or of, for that matter, either the notion of the possibility or the idea of the impossibility of genuine nonpolitical actions anywhere, including in this disclaimer!).

But yeah, there looks to be a couple dozen prints still remaining, as of right now. and 4 copies of a live album.

CDBFALL23 gets you 40% off through November 7th.



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As with Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, Danieks was a Trump Maga Supporter and I never give those people a dime of my money out of principle.  Thanks for the posts and disclaimer though, as I know some people just don't care about that stuff 

Definitely. Moral fiber is very important, keeps the BS moving all day and night :-) 


It's for that same reason that I don't give the Dixie Chicks, Demi Lovato, Bette Midler, Meryl Streep, Debra Messing, Oprah Winfrey, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and Amy Schumer any of my money!  It's better to save your money than throw it on a dumpster fire!

And here i am with both Trump and Obama autographs. I treat them as I would any celebrity, for entertainment purposes. The media makes everything worse. If they wanted a true debate and wernt worried about ratings, they would simply turn mics off during a debate. Nah, they want the drama and suspense. They believe its why people watch. 

I got suckered into caring once.. I voted Trump in 2016 because I wanted a non career politician.. I didn't understand why some of my old friends in Chicago stopped talking to me. Strange to get blacklisted for having an opinion yet no repercussions for them. The people who want your head never sees things the other way. 

I'm tired of the drama these days. Cubs/sox, Bears/Packers, religious rivalries, political rivalries.. seems as if our world is full of competition and reasons for people not to like eachother. I will never judge anyone for having an opinion. I do like a good debate though but its not a reason to ever lose a friend. Rivalries are good to have if they remain civil. We can always learn from eachother. And yes, both sides will always have valid points to make. 

Out of your list, I do have Demi Lavoto. Thought about picking up a Bette Midler.. ive also wanted Kathy Griffin at one point but moved on. Nothing to do with her political stance... Amy Schumer though, thats a completely different animal, not sure why anyone would want her autograph lol. 

Jokes aside, id like to add this since a lot of us recently scored James Hetfield.. this is the same stance I prefer to take these days.

"Everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump, I think. My opinion stays with me. I'm a singer and guitar player in a rock band," he continued. "I hate politics. I don't wanna talk about politics. It's not important to me. What's important to me is connecting people with music. Politics, religion… things that sep… they separate people. They make people…

"I love talking about it and my thoughts, but I think it gets in the way of people getting to understand all of you."
Hetfield added: "I have no idea. I could probably sit down and like everyone on the planet, if you get to talk with them and understand them.

"But, yeah, politics, we try to stay away from that 'cause it polarizes people. If I sit here and say that I hate Trump or I love Trump, someone will think, 'Oh, I don't like his music anymore.' It's silly. So I like to keep it about music."

I'm even happier now to Have Hetfield's autograph on the way because that's exactly how I feel and wish everyone would follow his lead. if someone posts something on here and you don't agree with the entertainer or politician's political view then just don't buy it, I never understand why anyone feels it's necessary to bash someone they don't agree with or post their political opinion on an autograph collectors forum anyway, but just my opinion.  


I was mostly typing mine as satire for the first comment above.  But there are some that I don't have any interest in owning an autograph from.  It's like everything - not everyone is a fan of every band or every person, but that's okay!

Glad you've gotten some autographs that you've wanted to get!

Thanks to everyone who's weighed in here on this discussion surrounding an interesting musician poised, I think, long to remain as provocative in death as he was in life.

Gratitude as well to Rich and/or Steve for, at least as far as I'm aware, keeping any possible sanitization at bay, this time around. Conversation, those Hetfieldian acts of selective subject change that Jason brought up, and in some cases even a bit of flat-out censorship, all three seem to me likely to have their places, both on this board and off--but my own tendency is to prefer some combination of the former two, whenever feasible and not in violation of smart First Amendment case law.

Anyway, this update is late as hell, my apologies, but the folks at Charliedaniels.com have added a whole bunch more cool old signed stuff, most of which, possibly all of it, is available directly from the shop's homepage at https://store.charliedaniels.com/

CDBSANTA23 for 35% off orders over $40 through midnight (Central Standard?) tonight!



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