Last week I was keeping an eye on 3 items in the latest Iconic Auctions sale.  I had seen all 3 on eBay recently and was surprised to see them on in the holiday auction at Iconic.  All three had pretty hefty starting bids. I took a chance on one but was outbid.  

Ove this weekend, I noticed that all 3 (including the one I was outbid on) are now back up on eBay at the higher prices that they were originally listed at under the user id "autographs-for-sale".  This happened to me once before on an item I was outbid on in the monthly Iconic auction where I saw it before and after the auction on eBay

On top of it, since I have been a registered bidder, I am getting monthly phone calls on the day of the auction from Iconic.  I never answer the calls but they keep on coming every month...never leaving a message.  They seem to be trying to drum up business on the evening of their auction.

At this point, I'm thinking I'll never waste the time again in participating in this nonsense. It seems as though I'll be "outbid" every time in their auctions and every time items will be back up on eBay a day or so later.  

Why is Iconic even believing that this is a good thing to keep a loyal following?  I'm sure there are others like myself who are looking both at their site and at eBay and noticing this "broken record" skipping over and over again.

Are they really serious about the integrity of their "house auctions"?  Any others have a similar experience?

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This is been going in for years at Iconic and many people have written to them and posted about this. Their main sellers often have items up on ebay at the same time they are up for auction at Iconic. This is probably not legal but sometimes they forget to take them off ebay.  I've seen some items up at Iconic for years with inflated prices. I agree -- either they should have minimum bid prices that are reasonable or stop playing games with the final bid or final sale price.  It's a revolving door with a HUGE advantage to sellers while the bidders get screwed.  The best course of actions is NOT TO BID ON ANY OF THEIR ITEMS. 

Is all their stuff legit?  I noticed they have a large John Brennan collection of music items

I don't know if they are totally legit or not.  I'm really only interested in classic film and some historical areas.  What I've seen seems to be legit and it's all authenticated by third party services....mostly Beckett.

What is bothering me is that items seem to begin at a fair price and then they are bid on and the price goes up...sometimes considerably.  Then results are posted on the Iconic site and it looks to have been sold. 

Then the item reappears on eBay at autographs-for-sale hours after the auction has ended.  Sometimes it also reappears on Press Pass Collectibles.  So it seems like Iconic Auctions, autographs-for-sale on eBay and Press Pass is all one. Is this correct?

yes its legit and certified by steve  grad or others they wont sell if its not certified.

no differnt than rr except less lead time .

ive done auctions with both ive had no problems with iether just i have a better deal with icconic  for sellingf they both have there plusses and minusses ,the john collection is at rr iconic and gotta have its all over the place

I think the answer to your question is no. Their stuff is legit to the extent that the TPAs get it right, which obviously isn’t 100%. 

but atleast they try  theres plenty that dont even care. everything icconic sels is vetted more than some of other auctions but always do ur own research

Jeff Woolf and iconic auctions are frauds. a lot of shill bidding goes on in their auctions, if they don't get the price they want they'll just relist the item next month or in a future auction. presspass and autographs-for-sale provide about half of the items in each month's auctions but those items never actually sell. i think those two businesses just lend items to iconic just so they has some headline pieces to feature. jeff woolf is trash, garbage. probably the biggest scam artist in the industry

I agree. They are Crooks! I use to send 8-10 items to Iconic and I caught them 3 different times leaving out 1 item when they were to Pay me! If you send multiple items, you better make sure you get Paid for alll your stuff.

i disagree , theres stuff real thats number one

if theres a reasrve then theres one .its no differnnt than alot of auctions houses 

use ur sense and know what stuff is worth.

people arent selling nirvana for 100$

reserves are stupid. if you're not willing to accept the final price it sells for then don't put it up for auction. just list it on ebay with the buy it now price you want

well that just a dumb response

thats not how and why u do auctions espicaly targeted ones

Talk about items reappearing I was following a few Keith Richards signed records in Pristine auctions.  I bid on a few.  Didnt win.  Then they appeared again in the next auction.  Bid again.  Didnt win.  Bottom line these same items appeared for over a year in their auctions.  Obviously they had a reserve which I didnt know.  I have no idea what that reserve was.  I finally gave up.  A few are gone, a few still there.  Dont know what they sold for. Very hard to bid that way.  I found Iconic to be easier to follow.



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