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This we can agree on!

I'm sorry, and Im not saying anything about you personally Michael or anybody else, I  do not know you nor your intentions. 

So, If you buy one and are willing to sell it, you're probably not a fan.

If you buy 4 extra for profit, you're a flipper.

I can understand if you sell once in a while, although personally I would have probably prefer to trade, if possible.

The artist is not the one to blame,  he is doing it for the fans! and he has limited time or the power.

You can see that most of the times, the signed/unsigned price is the same (or you buy a bundle with some discount)

The autograph is a bonus for hard core fans that follow the artist,  and will know about the new album.

I can tell you that personally, that for some artists I love, I miss writing the post here by a few minutes/seconds .

I wrote this before,  that IMHO, this forum should be private.  we are high in Google search,  and  I believe that our efforts are being used by people who make this into a quick buck. As someone that buy for personal collection, I don't see a reason to order more that 2 copies of anything, and only with artists you don't want to miss a good autograph.

We all know that the second market is an option, and sometimes a good one as the seller also has his risks, and you know what you're getting,  but when the markup is too high is when we get upset! that's all.

No one is forcing anyone to pay a price they dont want to.

The market will determine the value of the item.

Theres no value to something a scalper cant sell is there?

They sold out. You have one option to get the signed book and having any option is better than nothing - thats all Im saying!

Honestly not sure where this is going or if it was even aimed at me also for being fairly new here , I only posted a pic for comparison honestly not sure if I've offended anyone or not but I did after all start this thread so if anyone's bought purely to sell I cant be held responsible 

Sorry if I've got all the comments completely wrong btw

Certainly not aimed at you. We are all very grateful for you starting this thread.

And being new is not per se an issue. I was new here some 3 years ago and we were all at some point...

This was a reply to Michael's comment on Flipper's post.

This is an ages old conundrum -- are we giving this info to the collectors or flippers? If you teach a young person karate, is that kid going to use it to protect themselves from bullies, or are they the actual bully?

For the record, I'm grateful Bob posted this, I'm glad to have secured a copy, and I wouldn't trade or sell it for anything because "Kid A" is one of my favorite albums. I suspect most who purchased from here aren't flippers, but I also don't deny their existence among us. 

With the way the world currently is, it's better to hate the game, not the player. People are going to scalp it regardless of what anyone thinks (and that's coming from the perspective of a pure collector -- I just don't have the time, inclination or drive to try to deal with reselling items with all the tacked-on fees in play). Better to try and be on the vanguard -- because, as I've said before, there are other forums that are making this kind of "FOMO"-driven behavior their bread-and-butter -- than be left behind.

My post wasn't directed at you. Just my thoughts on the scalpers. This place is meant to discuss autographs and things that go along with them, so nothing wrong with anyone's posts if they're about autographs in some way... Forums are meant for discussion or debate. Definitely didn't offend me at least. 

This thread is digressing, obviously. But I don't think the conversation is irrelevant, even if I'd prefer this topic not represent a prevailing theme around here. This isn't about discussing and celebrating cash grabs, that's for sure. If that's your whole thing, then there are other places online for that.

As far as people exploiting these threads for profit, it is what it is I suppose. My personal reaction is a bit of a shrug. Most pro dealers looking to score a profit aren't especially in tune with all things music, so they're largely obvious to anything that isn't connected to a household name. There are plenty of great items that go virtually untouched by them that, in time, are likely to be more sought after and valuable than many of the "mainstream" items.

That goes for all kinds of collecting categories -- I see it all the time with people who show up to the book sections in thrift stores and insist on scanning everything looking for items to resell. While I get annoyed (and usually crowd them out of the way) when I see them trying that kind of behavior around me, I'm also amused because I see them constantly miss out on interesting and collectible signed books because they're not taking the time to actually understand what they have in their hands.

Thom Yorke isn't the only artist (or author) who's pulled this same stunt with artificial scarcity on signed items -- Waterstones is infamous for doing limited UK signed runs for big titles (Atwood's upcoming essay collection only had the same number of signed copies offered across two different UK chains).

I agree with you. 10 to 12 years ago, you could have easily picked up taylor swift items that go for hundreds now. I dont think she will ever sign those old cds again. We probably won't see anything like that situation again but there are still a ton of little gems out there. One of my favorite pickups this year was Meg Myers. I thought she would be an instant sell out on newbury but she wasn't and I think she's been available for half a year. I saw Clairo on there a while ago and I doubt the resellers went after that one. I picked up a couple but thought they would be on newburycomics for months. After I posted Dave Gahan, no one acknowledged it on here until after it sold out. Im not sure if people realized who he was at 1st. Maybe I'm wrong but I instantly knew that one was huge because I love Depeche Mode. But even I, as a fan, did not think it would be as huge as it turned out to be.

Anyways, there were probably a ton more like that I missed because im not a fan and they wernt household names. It gives real fans a better chance. You have to expect the household names to sell out fast regardless of who finds them 1st. There are a lot of true collectors here who are very grateful for these posts. Im one of them. I havent sold anything on ebay yet that Ive obtained from this forum. Value is always an afterthought in the back of my head though. Obviously anyone who is in financial trouble, God forbid, will sell off their items. There will always be some kind of monetary value placed in autographs. That comes with the territory based on availability and popularity. You can't stop it. Value is a huge driving force to this hobby. Im not going to lie, ive bought items of people I am not a fan of. Most recently twenty one pilots. Ive gotten in the habit of thinking about what could be valuable for my daughter 20 years from now. She's just under 2 years old right now and the only music I know she likes for sure is from Frozen and Shakira in Zootopia

Artists usually are great to their true fans. If you follow them long enough, you will eventually obtain some great stuff. This is a fact but something a lot of people won't take advantage of for different reasons. Introverts who will never go to a concert or people that just live too far in the middle of no where. Whatever the reason, this forum might be their only chance at finding stuff.. please please don't stop posting on here because you are afraid someone out there will make money off of you. You WILL NEVER stop people from profiting from this hobby. Items will still end up on ebay if you post or not. 

Hey Rich, just want to clarify, my post wasn't directed at you.. you are awesome! Its just an add on to the whole discussion. If people stop posting new autographs available on this thread because they will end up on ebay, then whats the point of having this part of the forum at all? Its a bad way to look at things. This forum is alive because people want to help eachother out in this community. I hope none of you lose sight of that



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