I came across this dealer/authenticator on Ebay who seems to have a wide-ranging collection of movie and tv stars. Prices range, with modern stars like Timothee Chalamet reaching prices of $250 and Leo DiCaprio at $190, to Geena Davis at merely $60 and Burton at $120. Some of these price differences raise questions for me, as while I am myself a big Chalamet fan for instance, I cannot fathom why his sig would cost more than a Tim Burton or Leonard Nimoy, but the dealer notes she obtains them in different ways, be it personally or through resale etc., and he is a more "of the moment" star anyway, so maybe that's the reason.

I am attaching links to her website and ebay store pages here:



She authenticates items herself with her own COA, and notes on her site she is not part of the RACC due to "membership fees." Not seeing something from JSA, PSA, or BAC also has me scratching my head, given that this person seems to be self-taught from years of collecting herself and educational training at the schools listed on her website page (linked above). There are no reviews of her online aside from 10 word reviews about shipping time etc. that are typical to any ebay store. She may very well be a lovely, truthful fan who has gotten into the business of dealing and authenticating too, but before I consider buying anything, would love thoughts from the community here on the items she has for sale and these possible red flags that I have noted here. Thank you!

UPDATE: After asking for JSA/PSA, BAC certification willingness and explaining that I am a novice, so I am following the advice that is widely expressed online to ensure the autograph I was looking at was indeed authentic, she blocked me from purchasing anything from her store or placing bids. I had also expressed that I would perhaps excuse the lack of a COA from these groups were she to get more information from the dealer she said she'd obtained the autograph from, so I'd know more about how it was signed and came into her possession, or if I would be able to know what her return policy was in case I got the certification done myself after the fact. She had sent me a short message stating that I should buy autographs from others who already have those 3 certifications if I place my trust in those, but that they make too many mistakes for them to be trustworthy for herself, and did not answer anything else I'd expressed in my message to her. I sympathize with some of this, as yes, it is well-known that authenticators can and will get things wrong. However, I hope that anyone googling this store will come across my discussion post here and note the same various red flags that I have, and proceed with extreme caution when buying from her. AAC again, may be a great dealer who simply blocked a novice who seemed too nervous to trust her, but the attitude, lack of willingness to even tolerate the RACC, JSA etc. and be defensive in their discussions of it, and so forth indicate to me that it is likely this seller is not all they seem. I hope to see further reviews of her in the future that prove that intuition wrong however!

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I'm no expert, but after a quick glance at the ones I am at least somewhat familiar with, I don't like the Tom Holland, Gadots, Elizabeth Olsen, Emilia Clarke, Pink, Grande, Halsey or Eilish. My gut says the Nimoy and Willie Nelsons too, but I don't know those ones as well.


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