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Thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing. I placed an order. 

I ordered one from Barnes earlier and added a Steve Martin for good measure. 

Excellent, thank you! I'd been keeping my eye on Waterstones rather than Smiths!

Thank you! 

Amazing, thanks so much!

I always feel a bit silly ordering only one for myself. Do most people order extras to sell? Thanks 

I know what you mean.  I order one (sometimes two - an extra for my daughter), but I never think to buy any extras to sell.  

If there were two donuts left in the breakroom, there are people who will take one and leave another for the next guy. And then there are others who will take both because "too bad for the next guy... he should have been faster."

Be the first guy. 


Like it. 

Thanks, should come out cheaper for me as well. From past experience, are there any differences to be expected, like bookplate vs. autograph on the page itself?


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