With A Little Help From My Friends signed transparent vinyl


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200 signed copies only 


Yes, expensive. But huge! Thank you.

Signed test pressing available as well: https://www.mascotlabelgroup.com/products/toto-with-a-little-help-f...

Even more expensive, but limited to /30.

Thanks, Toto is so my guilty pleasure


I love Toto, but it is a bit on the expensive side. I like many artists who are not in demand, so I think of what other autographs I can get with that money. This being sad I wouldn't mind a signed CD for a more reasonable price.

It is expensive but at least you know the sigs are genuine and think what price they will end up on ebay?

Just a heads up, though, this vinyl will be signed by Toto - the fifteenth iteration of the band. Not the original members from the 80’s. Some of the original members, but some new members as well.

Agree with your points Doug and the unknown question is how legible will these sigs be, altho they are only signing 200, - but where else are you going to get authentic Toto sigs from ?  Here is a vintage one of  mine

I am a big Toto fan too and might be interested considering the whole band is signing the LP, but I noticed that the store is located in the Netherlands.

Not sure how inconvenient or legit that could be.

I thought that was strange as well but what it means if that you are going to have custom duties to pay if you live  in usa or Uk  before the postperson delivers the package, but not if you live in Europe

For the UK you should not see any additional charges for shipping providing you keep the total invoice value below £135.

Since the 1st Jan 2021 there should be no customs or duty charges for sales into the UK of up to and including £135. VAT is supposed to be charged at point by the seller which is why we have seen some of the larger companies like Newbury stop selling to the UK as they need to apply for a UK VAT number and have a system to charge UK VAT at point of sale for shipments they will send to the UK.

well I know that I have charged an extra 20 per cent  on any priced item when I have purchased items from non UK sellers on ebay this year  and itsbeen  added automatically to my invoice .  A non UK friend also found he had been charged an extra 20 per cent on his Uk purchase and when I rang to speak to an ebay rep that is what I was told but its good to hear this this is not the same for items below £135 from non ebay sellers



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