As you all said ‘they either don’t know, or don’t care’ but I just got this today;

HOW can they think for one second that signatures for sale at $134.99 are legit??????????? I can’t believe they aren’t in cahoots with these Piece of The Past bootleggers. Isn’t there anything that can be done to make sure these people get stopped from selling these 100%fakes because if it wasn’t for all your help I’d be out of some serious cash like the all the other poor suckers that fall for these daily sales. Not even counting the Rolex my wife bought me on one of these Touch of Modern events which I now have to waste my time and money on to get checked after what you all have told me.

Seriously pissed right now!

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The problem with that Tim is that from what I’m finding on watch forums, all good fakes have a cheap perpetual movement and ‘sweep’ too. No way around it I have to have it opened at an authorized Rolex dealer.

there are fakes on ebay all day long that's a much bigger problem and ebay doesn't care

You’re right Marc. I guess you just expect junk from eBay. Nobody thinks of eBay to go buy something legit. It’s like a giant flea market where you buy something hoping you found that one single hidden treasure. 

then ur mistaking people think becuase its on ebay its real and especial if it has a coa signed by bart simpson its gotta really real

ebay is one of the largest platforms for selling artwork and collectibles

Speaking of EBay Marc. I see your point. While trying to find some online reviews for their dealer (Piece of the Past) I came across a link to this vendor on eBay colbystreetartandantiques who has over 6000 items, and from a quick look, almost all pics come with a COA from Piece of the Past which I’ve been told is 100% fake. And this vendor has a 100% feedback score?????



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