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Hey guys. I’m in a really big market for Ian Mckellen and found this one on Aplusgraphs. I don’t know much about Aplusgraphs and wether they are authentic or not. This Ian mckellen autograph looks ok but I haven’t really seen an example of his where the Ian and mckellen flow into each other. It’s also priced at $100 so I don’t know if that factors into anything either. If you guys could please help that would be amazing and a lifesaver. Thank you!

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Looks pretty typical to me.

So you think it’s authentic? What do you think about the price. $100 is making me a little nervous, almost a lot of the Ian mckellens go for 200-300 I think. What are your thoughts if I may please ask. Thank you!

It is probably priced to sell because of the photo.  An autographed photo of Gandalf or Magneto would sell for more.

What about the seller. Do you have any opinions on the seller, ever dealt with or anything else you’ve heard about them. Thank you!

Does McKellen really go for that much? Did he stop signing?

did look at the site of APLUSGRAPHS and can't see anything that worry's me. so i think it's good,

Highly regarded collector as far as I'm tracking. You should be fine shopping on his page.

Here is mine - looking to move it:

Aplusgraphs is an excellent in person NY collector and that McKellen looks typical, if slightly rushed, to me. 

Very rushed and not the best example but real IMO



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