VAN MORRISON Latest Record Project Volume I (Amazon Signed Exclusive)

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It's incredible how ball-less and sleazy these people are. 

Wasnt there a real signed Van pre-order cd on a prior release?  Cant remember the title or year

There were signed versions of his last few, Prophet, Three Chords, Versatile, etc. that all seemed legit. I can understand him not wanting to do that anymore, but if that’s the case, just stop offering them!


This is their response when I asked to see the proof. 

So this happened:


Melissa Ketola (Musictoday)

May 11, 2021, 13:23 EDT

Hi William!

I am so sorry you are unhappy with the item. We are glad to accept as a return for a refund. I have attached the necessary paperwork. 

Please see the attached PDF files. There is a USPS Postage Paid Return Label and a Return Form. Print and attach the label to the return package. There are no additional fees due by you for the use of this label.

In section A on the form be sure to include your order number, email address, and what the issue is that you are returning it for. 

You do not need to fill out Section B, which is for exchanges. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.


Customer Service

William Haskell

May 11, 2021, 10:45 EDT

Van Morrison’s management has publicly confirmed he didn’t sign any of these forms MusicToday. I received mine yesterday. I had to open it to even confirm that the art cart had been included. It is clearly an autopen, similar to your prior ozzy Osborne release. I want a full refund including shipping costs, and return shipping is on you if you even want this garbage back. 
I will also be filing with BBB and regulatory agencies regarding the mail and wire fraud perpetrated here. 
Will Haskell

I also just got a similar message and prepaid return labels from Music Today. Strength in numbers! Thanks to all who wrote in and complained. Let’s hope this sends a strong message to these unscrupulous artists, managers, and stores who have been trying to fool us!

Received a return label from MusicToday as well.  Still waiting for resolution from JPC but they have been responsive so far.

This not only illustrates the power of the informed masses to identify an issue and demand resolution, it also illustrates the value of them as customers.  Imagine the amount of positive word-of-mouth these sellers would have received for selling an authentic and in-demand item.  Unfortunately, now they are left addressing an issue which may not have been of their creation but having their reputations tarnished regardless.

Hope sellers will be a little more diligent about future listings.  Thanks to everyone who shared their observations and comments.

My reply for JPC (very quick, 24 hours):

"Hello Mr. XXXX,

thank you for your mail.

We do have an official statement from management: Exile can confirm that all signatures are authentic and genuine.

And here is what Townsend is sending out:

Dear customer,
We understand your concern with regard to Van Morrison's signature as part of your recent order.
We have written confirmation from Van Morrison's management that all signatures are authentic and genuine.
We hope this helps alleviate your concerns.

In case of any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,
Tracy XXXX"

I guess it is a "normal" reply at this stage, since I am not sure they know how much they have been screwed (all the more as the signed prints are inside the sealed LPs & CDs).

My reply to their mail:

"Hello Tracy,


Sorry but the "management" is lying to you. I own 30,000 signed books/LPs/CDs (including some Van Morrison), so I can assure you I can detect an autopenned signature, let alone a stamped one. 

Besides, several companies (including Amazon) recognized the signatures were fake.


Now if you do not trust me (which I could understand...):


1°) see among others :


2°) ask the management how Mr. Van Morrison (at 75!) succeeded in making strictly identical signatures, as can be seen in the attached photo. Try yourself to sign twice the same, you will understand it is impossible (even a simple cross would be hard...).


I'm waiting for the management's comments on the photo.


For the record, maybe it would be wise to remind them that selling stamped signature sold as signed item falls under the French Law dealing with counterfeit items, like a Hermes or Vuitton bag. And the penalties can be very heavy, to say the least.


Best regards"

Just got confirmation from Music Today that my order was cancelled. 

OK, I have JPC final response, this response is a joke, they claim no fault when they sold fakes.             

thank you for your reply.

If you would like to return the item to us, you are welcome to do so.
However, the postage costs for the return must then be paid by you, as there is no fault on our part.

Please return the item to the following address:

jpc-Schallplatten-Versandhandelsgesellschaft mbH
Lübecker Straße 9
49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Upon receipt of the return, we will refund the purchase price.


When I receive my CD, I am going to take a photo of the item and add it to the attached letter I created. I am going to open a "not as described" case via PayPal. I used wording for the letter from various people on this post. I do not want to return it to JPC for a refund and have to pay the postage. Here is what I wrote:

Subject: Van Morrison autographed Latest Record Project, Vol. 1 CD. This product was not signed by Van Morrison. It was stamped through his management company. 

JPC Customer Service,

 On March 3rd, 2021, I ordered an autographed/hand signed CD (Van Morrison “Latest Record Project, Volume 1”). This was a preorder through JPC Germany.

The autograph I received is clearly a “stamped signature”. This is a counterfeit. Van Morrison’s management has publicly confirmed he didn’t sign any of these. Van did not hand sign any of these CD’s and LP’s and the label wanted him to sign but he refused. Then, it was the manager’s task to get it "signed" and they used a stamp. So, the label went along with deliberate deception and unfortunately sellers like JPC Germany is a victim of these practices too. It’s not just the disappointment I feel as a customer/fan and possible loss of money, but they’re also taking advantage of the retailers who have to deal with our questions, complaints and returns. Not to mention the extra hit to the environment they create with all these packages unnecessarily going back and forth. Several companies (including Amazon) recognized the signatures were fake as well.

 This item is not as described and is falsely advertised. Therefore, I am opening a case and asking JPC Germany for a full refund including shipping costs, and return shipping is on you if you even want this back. If so, please provide a postage paid return label and a return form.


Selling a “stamped signature” sold “as signed” item falls under the EU Law dealing with counterfeit items, like a Hermes or Vuitton bag. The penalties can be very heavy, to say the least.


I belong to an autograph collecting group and have seen a dozen blown up examples of the signatures being identical stamps. Below is one example of a photo of the signature from one person’s item to another. This was done by a stamp. The signatures are identical. This is clearly counterfeit.


Also, see among others about this fake autograph.





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