VAN MORRISON Latest Record Project Volume I (Amazon Signed Exclusive)

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what a scam ! I think the signature is printed. What a waste of money

Got this reply from a refund of postage costs.

thank you for your mail.

The manufacturer still claims that the signature is the original.

However, together with the department management, we have decided that you may return the goods. We will refund the postage costs.

Please return the item together with a short covering letter, which should include your customer number, the invoice number, and a short description of the error, to the following address:

jpc Schallplatten Versandhandelsgesellschaft mbH
Lübecker Str. 9
49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Sorry again for the inconvenience !

Did you receive a return label? Otherwise it seems they are not offering anything more than is already covered in EU consumer law for returns on customer request (meaning you pay the return costs and they have to refund the initial postage costs).

For a faulty item they should cover the shipping costs both ways.

I am curious about this as well as I received a similarly worded email from them. I would prefer a return label, honestly. Does anyone know what the cost is to send a disc like this from the USA to Germany? 

I am from Germany and I have sent my CD back to "". In my customer account I chose "Zurücksenden" and in the following step "Falsche Ware erhalten". I wrote a description and got a return label. But I am not sure if it also works for international customers... .

Got this today from JPC. Looks slightly different. Keep or send back

Hi Frank.  I have been collecting and sharing with JPC different examples of stamped signatures from items listed on ebay to prove they are not handwritten signatures.  Your item has the telltale dot as shown and many items like those below.  I would send it back and make them aware of this fraud.

This is the stamp Frank - return. In your enlargement it is obvious with the bubbles in the ink etc., beardog1 matching examples aside.

I am pretty sure that they used more than one style for these stamps. I received two that looked different, but both were definitely stamps.

Why not post scans of these variants for others?

Around $15 if you want tracking. 

I filed a PayPal case and ended up receiving a full refund. 

Hi Wildy  

Are you located in the States and make your purchase through JPC?

Did you have to pay return postage and PayPal reimbursed you the shipping?

I will be doing a not as described claim in a couple of days so the more info I have the more beneficial




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