California eBay seller with two Elvis Presley items that are clearly bogus. 

It was suggested to him his items were bogus but got nowhere.

As of this posting his items remain on eBay and he says he's confident they are real. 

Both come with Toby Stoffa & Stephen Rocchi/GFA letters/certs

Both purchased at Ms Stoffa's shop in Vegas

That's what I know  

His items are presented below. What's a man to do?

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Pray for the poor sucker that believes this crap and ends up buying it.  If you believe that Elvis signed and wrote those lyrics, you sort of deserve to be parted with your money.

Those lyrics appear to have been penned by a female...

Oh and that Elvis Presley signed guitar -- is also boldly signed by Colonel Tom Parker


No reputable autograph dealer would truly believe that those autograph lyrics are authentic.

+1 and same with the signed guitar. 


Both eBay auctions have been ended by the seller.

He tells me he's spoken to the shop in Vegas & he's been assured he'll get his money back.

He purchased 5 pieces in total from Antiquities at Caesars Palace -- spending  26 thousand dollars!

All 5 were sent packing today for the promised refund.

Cross your fingers for him - I've asked him to keep me posted

That’s amazing. No threats? No lawsuits? I wonder what was said on that phone call.

26 grand! Mercy!!

Nice work, Don.

Good job, Don.

6 more handwritten and signed Elvis Presley lyrics from GFA.


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