What kinds of autographs do you want to start collecting next? They can be a category you haven't collected before, or a subcategory of an area you currently collect.

Tell us why you want to collect them, how you want to collect them, when you hope to start, and anything else you want to say.

If you just started collecting a new category, you can include them in your answer.

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I generally collect sports autographs and memorabilia with my son and non sport for myself. We decided to start a combined project. Autographs from sports movies. The actors and the actual players/individuals they portrayed. We are starting with Moneyball. The actual athletes are the easy part. Seymour Hoffman, Pitt, Jonah Hill and Chris Pratt will be challenging to find without breaking the bank. But doable. 

My son wanted to do 42. But with Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman being Black Panther, Jackie Robinson's autograph being bucket list material...add in Branch Rickey and a significant number of deceased players and I think I'd need to take out a second mortgage to get that one done. 

I think we can manage Moneyball. My goal is to get 90% there by Christmas. The more expensive autos might end up Christmas presents. 

For me, autograph collecting has pretty much always been on a person-by-person or artist-by-artist basis.  It’s always been about whose autograph I suddenly have a burning desire to collect, and who I can afford.  U2 has always been one of my favorite groups, but I still don’t have anything signed by Bono or the rest of the group.  So they’re near the top of my list.  I’m also interested in possibly adding Daisy Ridley and/or Margot Robbie as well.  I also like presidential autographs as well.  I have three JFKs, one Ronald Reagan, and one Bill Clinton.  Being from the Kansas City area, I’d like to add a Harry Truman who was from Independence, Missouri, a suburb of KC.  Of course, I live on the Kansas side of the state line, and Dwight Eisenhower was a Kansan.  He’s buried in Abilene, Kansas.  Now, being a Democrat, I suppose I should go with Truman first, or being a Kansan maybe I should focus on Eisenhower, a very moderate Republican.  Oh man, now I’m all confused!

Bono should not be too tough. He's been a great signer and surprisingly accessible his whole career, and that seems to remain the case.

Yes, Bono has been a great signer throughout his career, and by all accounts, he’s just an all-around good guy.  I communicated with a guy in Kansas City who said he attended a U2 concert in the early 80s in KC.  He said he got to the venue two hours or so before the start of the concert not knowing if he could get in or not.  Well he ended up being one of the first fans inside, and while walking around inside, to his shock, he stumbled upon Bono, by himself, just leaning up against a wall, perhaps mentally getting ready for the concert.  So the guy says hello to Bono, and Bono just starts chatting him up.  He said he and Bono actually spoke one-on-one for a good twenty minutes or so and said Bono was just super nice and completely unpretentious...just the dude next door really.  The guy finally asked Bono if he could get his autograph, and Bono happily obliged by signing the guy’s ticket stub which is all he had. And all I’ve seen looking at YouTube of Bono signing videos is an extremely polite and friendly Bono happily signing for his fans seemingly unconcerned whether or not a fan might profit from him by selling the autographs on eBay.  Bono is a special artist and a special person in general, it seems to me.

As you might have already seen I finally got my Bono autograph!  Nothing earth-shattering, a signed book, but it’s a nice big bold autograph from a book signing in Boston in 2005.

I want an authenticated 2Pac piece and an authenticated Biggie Smalls piece

Dan i would imagine those two graphs wouldn't be an easy buy!

Definitely not but I'll be ready to pounce when I find what I want. I'm sure something will turn up in the auctions by the end of 2018. 

That would be your best bet searching the auctions.

Not the next category, but some artists)

Roger Waters

Nick Mason

Dave Navarro, Jack Sherman, D.H. Peligro, Arik Marshall (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

George Harrison (yeah, old signed stuff)

Gary Brooker

Keith/Charlie Watts/Bill Wyman

David Coverdale

Rod Evans (but I know that it's virtually impossible)




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