How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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J. Any interest in trading/selling?  Please PM me if so. Very nice!

Very nice,congrats!

I am very humbled and excited to share this item that I received in the mail today. Mostly due to the kind generosity of a fellow collector Brian Mcelyea . He donated this signed Arnold Layne sheet music to me because of its dedication by Nick Mason "To Adam", which was also signed by Roger Waters. This is such an amazing gift that I am proud to own. Thank you Brian, very much! You are one of the good ones sir! I also want/need to thank (Pink Floyd Autograph Collector group) and Corey Moylan of ( and also Justin Steffman for helping me get in contact with Brian Mcelyea. There is nothing better than this community of collectors who just get it! This is such an amazing item. 

Good heavens I am equally humbled to see it! An amazing piece! Congratulations Adam. I am also reminded of a thread earlier today about dedications seriously detracting/having little value... ;)

Beautiful, PINK and Syd. "He dug it!" 1960's psychedelic framing?

I'm thinking green (is the colour), pink (of course) and a touch of cream for framing? Maybe a slightly wavy mat cut - not perfectly straight - psychedelic? I am envious of the decisions to be made!

PS - Anodized aluminum is FAR more stable and safe (not hygroscopic and not acidic) than wood and it's crazy finishes. Anodized aluminum is available in a huge variety of profile, finishes and colors etc. It would be a museum choice.

J mascis poster a friend had signed for me

Happy to own this nice record!

Last August, I finally got around to reading Wilkie Collins.  I had been meaning to read his novels for a long time.  I started with The Woman in White, and quickly followed with The Moonstone.  I enjoyed them so much that I purchased a cut signature, as well as a carte de visite.  I had them both framed together.  I am very happy with the way that it came out.

Didn't I see this L+H in a thread the other day being shot down as signed with Sharpie (clearly not the case)?

My apologies. I mistook it for this:

Laurel & Hardy

Just got this one



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