How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Enjoy it Chris.Glad to see  it came in one piece.Are you going to frame the album?

Hi Paul - here it is, back from framing today. 

Looks great Christopher, CLASSY!!

Great piece, Christopher, congrats!
Queen, also one of my favourite Bands.

WOW!!!!!  Love it Christopher

Fantastic Christopher!! Love it!

Paul and Christopher,

You’re both respected members of AML, and members I think know more than most collectors, especially Paul.

Would you mind educating collectors about how you determined authenticity?


Hi Steve - well, you're certainly correct that Paul has much more experience than I.  Maybe being a bit newer can help newer collectors though.  Your question is interesting, and an honest reply from me would be a novel.  But here's the shortest answer I can muster.  I don't.  Which is to say, my opinion is more about quality than authenticity.  For authenticity, I delegate that to others.  The reason why would take more time to explain.  Maybe the most helpful thing I can offer is three recommendations: 1) To develop a network of like-minded collectors who you personally like and professionally trust.  Gather their opinions when considering a purchase and buy from them when the opportunity arises.  2)  Check with Roger on everything.  3)  Buy official merchandise - or merchandise with widely known and accepted provenance.  Each of these points can be a long discussion, so I'll expound on point one only.  The items I have that I consider pretty much permanent in my collection came from:  Paul Hakimian, Patrick Batson, a well-known, big-time collector from South Africa, Seamus, Stephen Duncan, a guy with the eBay handle "Ole Blue Eyes", and from Roger Epperson directly (or in a couple of cases, indirectly).  Each one of these "sources" has become a friend, or at minimum a highly trusted acquaintance.  I'm in contact with some of these guys regularly, away from AML, even when we aren't discussing a specific deal.  Some have general expertise.  Some have very specific expertise.  And all are people who I can't imagine in a million years intentionally owning or selling to me a forged item.  What I've gained from these friendships has enriched my collecting experience, so I try to pass this on, share knowledge and experience to the extent I'm capable, be fair on price on the rare occasions when I sell something, etc.  If it would be helpful to post again and share thoughts specifically about authenticity, as these remarks are more about how to build a collection and operate in the hobby, I'm happy to do so.

Hi Christopher, you make some interesting points. I think the topic could be developed further. As this thread is already cruising towards 5,000 posts and has a different focus I would start a new thread. 

Thanks Pug.  The reply was to a specific question posed by Steve, so I entered it here.  It would be an interesting separate discussion, and I'd contribute.  But not sure I'm the right guy to start it. 

Steve,both Chris and i responded to your request and we both took a little time to express our collecting views.We haven't received any comment or acknowledgement from you .Is there something we said that rubbed u the wrong way?


Neither of you rubbed me the wrong way, sorry. I think your responses were valuable—thank you both. I'm just jammed and want to reply once I can take some time on it.

I'll join back in the conversation by evening.



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