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Enjoy it guys, really loved the first album, hopefully this one will also be a banger.

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BTW There is also a European store with the pre-order. If you're from Europe it's better to order from there, unless you want the colored vinyl:


The colored vinyl in the US store has already sold out. 

It wouldn't surprise me if they will add more colors (with signed options) later.

Yeah, I was an idiot and I ordered the CD and the colored vinyl from the US store right away without checking for the European option first. I'm from Europe so I could've saved 20$ on shipping... The colored vinyl is nice but definitely not worth the extra 20$. I just want the signed insert by Wolf.

Signed Wolf Van Halen cover art card

It's an art card in case anyone didn't see that. 

Newbury has an orange version limited to 400 and it says it's the Lp that's signed and not an art card, which it hopefully ends up being


Sold out

Thanks-got one!  Missed out on the last release.  But the LE of 400 Tangerine LP should make up for it.

Just curious if anyone reached out to Newbury and asked if they could confirm this would be a signed jacket? Im about to myself but thought id ask here as well

Guarantee people just went on the assumption that because last time was actually signed on the album, this would be the same. I definitely did that, til I read everything. Newbury should be good for actually signing the album, they just had his previous album signed and available.

The first album from the official store was also an art card. 

I hope Newbury will receive actually signed vinyl. The last offer was because he was on tour near the store so they had them on hand. A preorder always is a bit of a gamble.

the Newbury ones are going pretty fast, it was at around 200 when i posted and down to 81 now

The last versions actually stated that the LP was opened and signed on the sleeve, these don’t, so not sure?!? 


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