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Enjoy it guys, really loved the first album, hopefully this one will also be a banger.

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Holy smokes, this is f***ing awesome!

This is the album I'm most hyped for this year, hoping the album itself is a certified banger \m/

two songs performed on the Today Show this morning were pretty good:

Mammoth WVH performs ‘Waiting’ live on TODAY

See Mammoth WVH perform ‘I’m Alright’ live on TODAY

I'm loving it so far.  Was able to sit down with the first 5-6 tracks.  I can hear some Tool and Meshuggah influences starting to peek in but he keeps that mainstream rock sensibility throughout what I've heard so far.

They killed it on Graspop \m/

Holy Smokes the signature looks  baaaaaaddddddddddd,

I'd ask them to send me a replacement copy, If you didn't tell me it was part of the vinyl bundle I'd think it's a fake :/

This was mine. It's why my other post saying the cd was much better. Fwiw, I listened to the cd yesterday and it's great work.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I got the newbury comics version on Saturday & the autograph is tiny lol

Looks similar to my black LP from his official site.  ;(

I hate that there's so much variation on these.  

Are all orange LP inserts signed this way? I havent opened mine and am thinking about returning but I know he scribbled on the backs of some. Its probably a gamble

Got this in my purple vinyl 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Haven’t opened the Newbury one yet. These were the two I got from him , one going to my friend. Different varieties


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