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john reznikoff
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Unrecorded Harry Truman Secretarial Signatures

Posted on March 10, 2011 at 9:30am 5 Comments

I recently purchased an entire archive of Secretary of the Treasury under Truman, John W. Snyder. Going through this archive has been enlightening on a number of levels. Illustrated here are some examples that will be valuable to Truman collectors and are published for the first time.

  1. March 3, 1939 Authentically signed by Truman as Senator
  2. May 2, 1940 proxy signed letter "Harry S. T. by BWT" unquestionably signed for the Senator by his wife and future first lady Bess…

Robert Edwards Auctions/Rob Lifson thanks third party authenticators.

Posted on December 21, 2010 at 10:30am 24 Comments

Note To Autograph Authenticators: Thanks!

Published by Robert Lifson on Tagged Uncategorized

REA would like to take the time to express a special thanks to all the authenticators who have contributed to uncovering often ingenious and complicated fraud, and in the process protecting consumers. It’s a thankless job and these guys are often literally on the firing lines of retribution by those whose interests they cross. It is a given that these same authenticators sometimes make… Continue

Authentication and Forgery Alert: Forgeries, in my opinion, Exposed!!!

Posted on September 22, 2010 at 11:00am 7 Comments

In the fight against forgery, authenticators often communicate about skilled forgeries that have hit the market. All of these forgeries originate with the same source. Many of the images are from Steve Grad of PSA/DNA. If anyone else has other examples please post them. Some of these forgeries are very devious even incorporating what would appear to be authentic letterhead or genuine old album pages. The good news is that we failed this material and…


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At 8:13pm on November 14, 2016, Jean T said…

Hi, I sent a pic of a JFK signature a few days ago. I was told that you are one of the best people to ask about it's authenticity. I'm getting some conflicting opinions in the Authenticity forum so your input would be very much appreciated. I am also very willing to send the signature to your business (in NH?) and have it checked professionally for a fee (I'm in MA). Is there an address where I can send it and an amount so I can include a check? I won't bother you after this request, I'm just hoping to get a final say on the authenticity of the signature. 

Thank you so much for your time.


At 8:58pm on November 11, 2016, Jean T said…

I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the authenticity of this JFK signature.

Thank you so much

At 3:49pm on December 1, 2013, hitmanten said…

Hi, John. I recently acquired an envelope addressed by JFK to John Mahanna, Editor at The Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, MA. Their friendship has been well documented, and I know that University was involved in the sale of a number of these documents. However, puzzlingly, PSA/DNA just responded to a cursory review of the envelope in question with a  "Quick Opinion" of the piece as "Likely Not Genuine".  Hoping that you might weigh in with an expert opinion based on your considerable expertise and knowledge of these documents as it certainly appears genuine and appears indirectly related to your collection.  Thoughts? Thanks.

Many thanks!

At 5:46pm on March 18, 2013, DL Mhan said…

Steve Cyrkin suggested I contact you for your input and add a link to our discussion regarding a JFK autographed photo. 


Some updated info on this photograph.  I spoke today with a Mrs. McCarthy who is also in the photo.  It was taken at the Statler Hotel in Boston, at first she said it was the night of the election results but quickly changed that to the following night because the returns had come in so late.  The gentleman in the photo was John Kennedy's chauffeur at the time.  I believe she said Bob Maury but I will verify the name with her later.

Any and all info greatly appreciated.  Mrs. McCarthy confirmed this photo was signed by him as well.

At 1:39pm on December 1, 2012, Adria Jackson said…

Hi John -  Suggested I put my question on your page and see if you have any idea if this is JFK's wirting or perhaps his wife's.

My original post is..

I picked up this frame with a photo of John F Kennedy and on the back is a thank you note written suposedly by him on November 19, 1960.

From what I have learned, the family of this Estate did know the Kennedys or the Grandfather did. Tom Cunningham. The note simply states Thanks for your help.. though I dont know what type of help but I am wondering is it real? It is writting in blue ink. I wondered too could it be his wifes signature?

Note <--picture?

Thanks in advance for anyones help.


At 2:15pm on June 7, 2012, Joey Farino said…

Hey i have a fdr auto i wanted you to look at and get your opinion about. could you email me at blackitalian81@gmail.com when you get a chance. thanks alot

At 1:33pm on June 13, 2011, wade wellingham said…

Hi John,


It appears that I have some kind of auto pen signatures of some presidents and their wives, could you look and see or give me your opinion.  Thanks in advance ,,,,wade

At 3:09pm on March 7, 2011, Cherub Freed said…

Dear John, upon listening to your NPR story, I had to contact you. My dad is in possession of a 1848 print of "The First Prayer in Congress" that was coloured and signed by M.B. Taylor, the White House Hostess, and Zachory Taylor's daughter. Over the years we have compiled tons of evidence - but we haven't been able to track down her signature to prove it once and for all.


It's so difficult to pitch this situation to people, and all of the research I have done has come up with dead ends. I can't find her marriage certificates or anything she may have signed for as  Hostess.


I would love to present our additional info to you;  do you think you could help in any way?  I don't know if you hire yourself out for jobs like this or not... Any advise or assistance would be appreciated. This print has been driving my dad nuts for the last 20 years, and we simply do not know how to find her signature.

Thank you so much



At 7:50pm on December 11, 2010, Jason Boyd said…

hi John,

do you have any celebrity address requests? if so feel free to ask for them in the forum: "reader's address requests"

At 8:19pm on November 1, 2010, Lou reves said…
Thanks John thats what I thought, It amazes me I keep pointing this out to the UACC but they do nothing about this, I have a real obama as I met him in Terre Haute in Sept 2008 when he was here and signed for me!


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