Hello, I am interested in Mash series and want to buy some signed photos from ebay.

Please let me know your opinion about these items ... are they authentic? Some sellers offer own COA but I beliave only JSA, PSA and Beckett

This is item what I bought and I beliave it is authetic (I hope I can beliave JSA)

Now I am considering to buy some other items:


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I have concerns about the Linville and Alda on the cast photo. The other signatures look fine as they are from common through the mail signers.

The Alda in the white jacket pose is bad.

The multi-signed page is a terrible fake.


"The multi-signed page is a terrible fake" Which ? The BW photo or JSA photo?

"I have concerns about the Linville and Alda on the cast photo" Do you mean JSA? 

Just because something has JSA doesn't necessarily mean it's authentic.

The Alan Alda looks alright but does look slightly off. His autograph is usually very consistent but doesn't seem to have the "it" factory his normally has.

The single signed photos look pretty bad. Possible a very rushed version but you can probably find much better looking and definitely authentic signatures. Alan is also not as tough as people deem him to be for signing. He may be verbal about his dislike of signing but he's also been signing autographs for probably 50+ years so there's plenty of material available.

I wonder if the postcard is even live ink? I've seen those type of signature on similar items from the Rogers/Stevenson era but it's also possible someone forged it to try and replicate the items I'm thinking of. The W in Swit, L in Linville and U in Burghoff all look pretty similar.

"...Just because something has JSA doesn't necessarily mean it's authentic...."


The group signed pose with the jeep is a photo commonly sent for through the mail completion. I had two that I did myself. A few thoughts:

  • I have never seen one with a Linville signature. It may have been available at the tail end of his life, but he was a notorious NON signer during that period.
  • I sent mine to a Gary Burghoff signing being conducted by a dealer. Burghoff refused to sign it. He told the dealer he didn't sign group pieces.
  • Alda in-person is a possibility, but TTM a very long shot.

Alan Alda did sign by mail, but the problem is the way it was done has changed so much over the years. In the 1990s, I did get a photo and letter signed by him. When I sent something else later on, it was returned by the secretary stating there will only be one autograph per address. I don't think he does signing through the mail much - or anymore. It's surprising some fans get so excited with the preprints they are getting from some fanmail address online that really isn't real at all.

So you mean that I should be finding signed single photos each actor? Is it better? Your opinions does not gladden me :-( cause I'd want to enjoy this photos.

Alan Alda should get more credit than he does for signing during the 2000s. He did send autopen autographs but from my experience he would sign fan send in photos.

And a skeptic like myself was lucky enough to get a personal book and a photo ttm and a personalized book and book on audio in person at a book signing. Both personalizations and autographs are so perfectly matched it's almost like he was a human autopen.

And what do you think about my photos above. I have got only first two. 

I recently got Alan Alda and Loretta Swit in person in my home town. Mr. Alda was in a great mood. I ended up getting 3. He completed 2 cast photos for me.  I will post some pics of them below.


And what do you think about my photos above. I have got only first two. 

Sorry - I am not familiar with their signatures enough to make a call on real or not real.  





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