Anyone else get conned by Pyramid Autographs AKA Encore Autographs on

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here who bought a fake autograph from Pyramid Autographs AKA Encore Autographs doing business on I returned the fake within 30 days of receiving after finding out it's a fake from PSA/DNA and I have yet to receive a refund. I may be out $150 but want to raise some red flags that these people are obviously con artists.  I've contacted the seller, pay pal and everybody says I am SOL.  Isn't it mail fraud to sell fake items by mail?

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It's a bit late for this one, but ALWAYS do refunds through the Paypal system or ebay system. This way there is a record of the communications and tracking/return authorizations are all captured through their system.

You may still get a refund, however they have wiggle room now. It's always best to follow return process to the letter of the guidelines. 

Have you seen Encore Autograph's website?

They’re offering multiple reprints of the same signatures at the same time. That’s a new one to me.

Yes, indeed they are selling fakes on their own website and they are doing the same thing on After I bought a Lee Van Cleef on 12/26/2019,  I went back on to their site to look at the other Van Cleefs and noticed that the autographs were all the exact same signature, just on different photos of Lee.

I'm new to this site and this forum, but I'm pretty sure that most of you clever Commrades responding know where on the interweb to post WARNINGS about Pyramid Autographs and Encore Autographs being completely phony. This is your mission should you choose to accept it. Tell the world about their fake autographs and that is letting Pyramid/Encore, and probably many others, sell fake, forged and phoney items with impunity. 

PayPal ruled again ne. And even though I sent Pyramid Encore Autographs their fake, forged Lee Van Cleef autograph back, they get to keep the picture and the money. Pyramid/Encore Autographs, and PayPal, all frauds.

Sorry to hear. What was the reason for the denial?

PayPal says if you buy something with PayPal you got to return it with PayPal. I just mailed the autograph back to the seller without going through PayPal. So even though I return this thing within the time allotted, PayPal is finding against me

By the way, the fake Lee Van Cleef autograph, which Pyramid/Encore sold me was supposed to go with these

Just ridiculous! Can you file a charge back with your bank or credit card company?



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