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Back in stock again!

I tried to order 780 of them but it wouldn't go though. Oh well... 

Waterstones now sold out

Has anyone manage to order from WHs? Won't add to basket from 10 mins after post 

I was quick to try and able to add copies to my cart initially. However, I had trouble getting past the phone number - either they were blocking a US # or blocking my forwarder address. I eventually gave up and tried again about 10 minutes later from my desktop and ran into the same issue you all are reporting here. Unable to add to cart. My thinking is they got hammered with multi-copy orders and pulled the rug? Just a guess.

Thanks! wasn't going to d*ck around looking for any savings codes or other books!

gone so quickly...

Ugh. Gone already. 

Managed to buy 2 this morning as quickly as I could. Surprised I had enough time to place another order with a coupon and cancel my original order. This book is being advertised so much, there were a ton of people on social media waiting for more autographed copies to come out. I figured that if these were to become available again, they would be sold out in 3 minutes. Im guessing he signed more than 10k of these

You think Arnie's back on the juice to hit the new 10K+ sigs? Could be some wild sigs. 

All I know is, his book seems to be everywhere. They are doing a good job marketing. The hype over signed versions seemed to have contributed. This book will be very successful and its worth it for him to put all his effort into it any way he can 



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