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Four signatures taken from an autograph book. Supposedly signed in 1967.  Hmmmm  Any other thoughts?

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Not authentic, IMO.

Here’s the authentic set that was used as a template:

I’m glad you had a copy of the original as deep down I thought it looked copied - too careful !!!

LOL. From the IAA auction listing for the set in the OP:

Provenance: The signatures were apparently obtained at the Olympic Studios, Barnes, London, on 14th June 1967.

From the Heritage auction listing for the authentic set:

…The autographs were obtained by a member of staff at Olympic Studios, Barnes, London on 14th June 1967 when the group were there to recording 'All You Need Is Love'.

The presentation was too optimal - all centered, even contrast, condition...the forger even made them more legible.

Tea stained paper and ink looking like it was signed last week. And a definite  copy of the set posted by Ballroom. But the set would fool many out there.

IAA are pretty shocking when it comes to Beatles autographs! 

Can be shocking at times in other categories as well including vintage entertainment.  It's kind of sad, actually. 


Very true. A fake Beatles set was pulled from auction at another auction house, so the consignor offered it to IAA where it sold for a substantial amount.

Amen to all the above!


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