Hi everyone,

I apologise for the poor images on this one (not mine). The Paul and Ringo are clearly rushed and incompletely signed, but my feeling is that these are okay. The program has also been signed by Gerry Marsden. 

What are people's thoughts?


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Let’s just say I wouldn’t waste any time or money acquiring this set of autographs !!!!  All bad IMHO.

Thanks, I'll wait to hear what a few more people think.

Not authentic IMO.  Poor forgeries.

Nor for me - every sig is strange. Hard pass.

I'm leaning toward genuine. While condensed and rushed, they're not strange or fraudulent, clearly of the signatures 1963 transition. My hunch is they're authentic Beatle signatures.

Thanks to everyone for their views. I thought the autographs would divide opinion, although I wasn't expecting so many people to dismiss them outright. I'm comfortable with the Lennon and Harrison. The Ringo, although missing Starr and being rushed off at the end, actually fits the traits of several authentic Ringo's that I looked at. McCartney is the sloppiest but still has plenty going for it. If you were going to forge him why would you leave out the last three and a half letters?

All are good.

They look like rushed authentic examples to me.

I agree!

Who is offering these?


I also think they real.



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