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She posted a story showing her throwing paint with a branch. I'm just going to assume this is some sort of performance art that I'm not cultured enough to appreciate.

Weird it's just paint splattered by someone (maybe Billie)... Is this their way of getting around people returning autopens and secretarial signatures? Someone on reddit said over 10k in stock about an hr ago. 

10 dollars though... 

And it was hard to order to the U.K. 

had to vpn it then went back to order another and said don’t ship to my country so I had to get it sent to my mate in the USA 

They gotta be worth a 10 spot for the uniqueness of this item this maybe the new in 

and IMO anything Ellish is desirable 

I got one just because it was cheap and I already have a few signed items I figured the painted cover would look cool displayed with one of the signed things I have... but no real way of knowing if she really did "paint" all of them not that it would be hard to do. 

That’s true my theory is someone dropped a pot of paint in the store room and it went over a few boxes of the cds so they came up with This amazing brain wave to sell them to us and say they are intentionally done like that saves binning them and someone losing a job win win 

Haha you're probably right.  It was an interns first day on the job,  so Billie just took the blame and said she was painting them, so the intern wouldn't be fired.  Lol

And called it art mate lol

When I try to open the link to the us store it just directs me to the uk site, how did you get around that? Thanks

Maybe incognito tab? Or Google Billie eilish us store 

I had to use a vpn make it think I was USA but it let me send to U.K. first time second time said no U.K. so had to send to USA address hope that helps 

Album sales are that bad, eh? Lol

Triple dog pass.


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