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Has anyone heard if Barnes & Noble will be doing their annual Black Friday instore Signed Edition promotion? If so, any ideas of what books could potentially show up?

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Interesting because mine sold out completely of the Arnold’s and Taupin’s in the morning but had one Stewart (missed by minutes). They had 3 Stone’s (bought one) and zero Portman’s (not sure if they had them earlier). 

There were a good 6-7 Taupins at my store. No Portmans. 

The extra stamps you get are nice too. Double stamps or even 4x if you're a paid member.
 I can't visit a B&N store, but I had some outstanding pre-orders that I have cancelled and placed again to collect the extra stamps. Billy Dee Williams and Jamie Lee Curtis books are still available for order, for example.

Was happy that the Jordan Peele was actually a real signature as that was the book I wanted the most :)

I got last copies of Sly and Peele at 5:30p almost didnt go, but glad I did!

No Stewart or Arnie. Plenty of Stamos, Paris Hilton and Matthew McConaghey.

Was hoping for an Odenkirk for the trifecta, but Im pretty sure that stills floating around online.

I got the signed weird al Yankovic.  There were 2 at my store, he signed the "comedy bang bang" book

My store had tons of Rick Rubinstein, a few Reba, tons of patrick, tons of Stamos, tons of peele, tons of key, 2 ll cool j, and tons more


Oh wow. I ignored those thinking probably like every one it was just the main author. Maybe have to make a pitstop back tomorrow 

I didn't realize Weird AL signed one. I woulda gotten one of those if I had known... might have to make another trip. That's awesome!

I think they must be randomly signed by various contributors. I looked at one in my store and had 3 signatures in it- one was the main author, and I couldn’t tell who the other two were (one started with a J but clearly none were Weird Al)… I should’ve checked the other copies

I just double checked the 10 or so copies at my store…no Weird Al but different signatures in most of them. Schwarzenegger was gone, but still had a couple Stewarts and Taupins. Also, did discover the signed children’s books are in the kids section as mentioned by someone else. Had Kimmel, Earnhardt, Gyllenhaall, Hillary Duff, Channing Tatum among others. 



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