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Won the battle but the war wages . I’m not an autograph person , but I always wanted Dylan’s autograph.

True, a lot of us feel the same way. Its a huge disappointment overall. No matter how you look at it, its a small win but overall still a major loss for this hobby

Good man. 

I hope this is real and if it is congratulations 

I sent him an e-mail after I read this and received the same respons in about 5 minutes.

did u email him personally or did he just email you on the refund?

The emails he sent are not connected to orders. I emailed him as soon as I found his email the other day but from a different address that was not connected to my order. He seems to be responding to only people who email him directly for now

I emailed him & got the response.  Refund supposedly by Wednesday:  great job everyone

We apologize for the mistake that was made and are offering a full refund of your purchase.  Please keep your copy of The Philosophy of Modern Song at no cost. We hope you will enjoy reading it.


Jonathan Karp


p.s.  We expect the refunds to be processed by Wednesday.  Consumers do not have to do anything.

I'll email back asking if Coles and Premiere are associated with the same batch. Id suggest some of us doing the same as well. Premiere is still "looking into it" and my Coles order is still in place.. just in case but who am I kidding. We all know the answer

I may need to have a ceremonial book barbeque.  I already read the book.  So don't want this fake in my house.  Although I could rip out the signature page and shred it and  the accompanying letter- then donate to Goodwill 

Well, I'm certainly glad to get my money back, but I'm a bit concerned that "the masses" will never know about this autopen business and there are now hundreds of these books in the market with a LOA from the publisher. That's enough to convince most casual collectors that these are real. 

Yes exactly what i posted below ! Guess im going to have to monitor ebay daily for the rest of my life now !!! 



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