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It is best to say what you've done right in the image. Make it as easy to understand as possible.

Just need to match some of the others now to the other 9 templates they have used ! 

I would imagine loads of these Indigo / Adam H  fakes will surface

Here’s mine 

Nichole, yours matches Conkers. It may be helpful if you put a note next to yours with a username and time stamp.

I don’t know how to do that I just wrote on it. I can’t even get them to post vertically. 

I’m using a phone I’m so sorry 

Ok. So what are the next steps here?  Has anyone reached out yet to S&S?  Steve Grad has also tweeted a few comments on the subject so it’s good to have his expertise as context. 

I emailed S&S customer service (replied to order confirmation) as well as the CEO guy on the COA with the side by side and gave them 48 hours before I chargeback with my credit card. 

What a mess. Simon and Schuster are a terrible group, the deserve all the hate their way.

I totally agree with you BC.

At the same time BOB DYLAN HIMSELF MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE and should have to ANSWER for this autopen fraud !!!

There's a future Netflix documentary brewing here.

I'm the 1st to admit when I am wrong. I was certain S&S would have really vetted these to have gone so far out of their way to guarantee them. The only way they can make this right, which will never happen, is to first refund everyone without the hassle of having to send anything back. And then work with Dylan's team to try and get people real signatures. But that'll never happen.


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