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I thought the authenticity of the Elton signature on these was being debated since a few of these autographs did not pass authentication. 

Probably discussed and reviewed more than actually debated. Whether or not a TPA blesses off on an item doesn't hold a ton of value, monetary issues aside. They rubber stamp plenty of music preorders they know absolute nothing about and fail others for the same reason. Their "authentication" blessing is mostly a shrug, except for people who are just trying to profit.

Well they come directly from Elton’s store. I emailed them just to double check and they replied saying they are definitely signed by the great man himself. 

I have an Elton if someone wants to trade for a Coldplay ? 

pm me 

can get refs off this forum if needed will also require references back 

dm me,  I have an extra Coldplay

I've got an Elton John to trade CD single is sealed with art card signed. Got the order confirmation from Elton's website and packing note for proof

Anyone else that still hasn't received their copy from the Australian store?

Hey I didn't buy from Australian store but I have a friend who bought from US store who never received his then contacted Warner and they said they were out of stock and sent him a refund. I luckily got mine in the first wave. I would recommend reaching out to Warner Music they are pretty quick about getting back. 

not got mine from them either, they sent me an email last week saying it's a pre-order for later in the year and will get a mail when released

Me neither. My understanding is that Warner Australia always ship later (possibly because stock comes originally from USA) and this is nothing to worry about.

Wasn't the Au store with "Win a signed print" ?
Was the CD with signed print ?

They sold signed CDs. It wasn't stated it's an art card, but it's likely the same as Warner US.



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