Please see attached -- also is $300 a good price? thanks!

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notsure if its real or not but its only his first name one way or another. so the 300$ price is not relative becuase u cant compare it to a full signed paul mcartney signiture.

Can one buy a "Paul" for $300 on this LP?

It's a CD which makes it less desirable but still certainly not over-priced. It looks real to me. I doubt anyone would falsify Roger's LOA for the sake of $300. 

Never underestimate the other guy's greed. :)

I think $300 for a genuine McCartney on anything Beatles related is a great price. I personally just feel it's so difficult to authenticate his signature when he's simply signed it "Paul" that even a genuine LOA from Roger wouldn't convince me with any certainty that the piece is real. I'd always walk past it with a "but is it though?" niggle in my mind.

I think it’s probably real.

Coupled with Roger's LOA, the entire package does look convincing.

I'm wary. Maybe good, maybe not. Seen Rogers cert faked before. Seems a good price for a Paul on Pepper .

this one has a lot of positives, as many as you can see in a first name only.

I see seller had a 1974 Pepper program signed by John Lennon, Johnny Winter, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol with Epperson and GLobal/GAI papers that went unsold for $749 and then was relisted and ended early. Seems odd. 

at 749 $ thats a steal for a signed program by them ,he porobaly got a good offer and sold it privatly



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