Do you guys think forensic autograph authenticator is a reliable certification group.

Thats the website for the certification store, I’ve never heard of them and can’t find anything online about if they are good or not. I messaged them and they said they weren’t members of UACC or AFTAL. I will supply a picture of the certificate as well for the item I’m looking to buy. Thanks for helping.

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Anytime I hear "forensic" I run. I don't completely trust the big three (PSA, JSA and Beckett) much less any fly by night group with fancy "certifications". 


What a bunch of crap that is!!!!

Are you being sarcastic or just saying that this company are basically scammers. Trying get get honest opinions 

I am never sarcastic about those "Forensic Examiners" when it comes to sports autographs!!!

I just don't see what "forensic" has to do in terms of autographs, there is no crime involved. All people do is use the term as a fancy scientific term as if forensics are actually some how involved in the authentication of autographs, as if they are F.B.I dusting for prints. Mostly it is a term used by people trying to scam people by making them think all of these things. Not claiming this to be involved with the name or group you have given, but I would not trust anyone who claims to be one. 

I dunno Adam, when the  word "forensics" comes up usually the crime is nearby, being sold! ;)

As said, "Forensics" is authentic BS, and I'll listen to a LOT.

Right you are Eric! That MUST be the forensic part, after you have been robbed of your money! 

I don't think we speak from experience ;) 

When you are researching an outfit, the first thing you should ask yourself is, "who are they?" Reputation matters.

Go to the "About" or "Staff" page.

I would avoid any company that does not provide the name and biography of at least one of their so-called experts.

Granted, just because someone does name their "experts," that does not mean they are credible. But if they do not, that is an immediate red flag.

As others have stated, "forensics" is a phony buzzword that is often used to instill a false sense of expertise and confidence. The vast majority of credible authenticators are experienced hobbyists and dealers who have studied autographs for many years, who are familiar with the habits of the signers, and are well known in the community. 

I have not  seen ONE self proclaimed Forensic Document Examiner that has a clue about autograph authentication.   It 100% BS

I have never either!!!  Not one.

The ones that I have exposed use the title "Forensic" to "authenticate" every crap autograph that they are paid to examine.

Just like Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" Morales.

+1.... Haven't seen one Authentic autograph with a Forensic Examiner COA, IMO....



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