The doodle signature strikes me as more of a match, but I know he's all over the place with his sig.

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These are secretarial.

Thank you, Richard. 

I wonder if stars who use secretaries even see the person who is signing for them.

In the past Sally Field and Al were using the same secretary and Matthew Broderick/Sarah Jessica Parker and Rosanna Arquette were using the same, so I'm guessing it's some sort of fan mail service secretary as opposed to a personal, in home or office secretary.

Pacino had an assistant handle them last I knew, but that was years ago. I never heard that several used the same signer, but that makes sense if that's all they do.

In the past. Gleason (Saddleman/Spear) and Bowie (Ken Pitt, Cherry Vanilla etc.) knew their secretaries/proxy signers. These days who can say.

I never understood how such a thing could be allowed.  It is pure dishonesty.

Not real IMO, here is my in person Pacino from early 80's.  Also, I've never seen the P in Pacino so pronounced as it is in these examples.

It should be punishable by law/heavy fines to send out secs and other fakes , they should just send out unsgd photos or not have fanmail at all , its bad enough with other forgeries 

What play was that?

Didn't Pacino play little orphan Annie in the stage production Annie? 

Mike, It was David Mamet's American Buffalo.  They did a run in Boston before taking it to Broadway.  Incredible performance.  Funny thing is, after the show, went to eat a quick bite, walking back to my car by the theatre then BAM, door opens and Pacino walked out getting in a cab. He was very nice. Spoke for a few minutes then signed my Playbill. Very cool.

Very nice.  Thanks for sharing.



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