Ebay Seller Roy8995 Babe Ruth Ty Cobb Mickey Mantle Autographed Card Photo Forgery

Check out the below ugly Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, etc. forgeries listed by Ebay seller Roy8995.

Ebay seller Roy8995 is selling some "Florida" forgeries with a worthless COA from Autographed Legends, LLC. 

As we all know, the Autographed Legends COA is directly associated with the following worthless COAs; Nicholas Burczyk, YMC Sports, Myst-O-Graph, My Favorite Players, MFP Reborn, Signed Certified Memories and others.

This crap is sold to suckers and wannabe autograph collectors at local auctions, estate sales, charity auctions, etc.  The buyers and sellers of these "Florida" forgeries have ZERO knowledge of autographs.   Then they look to flip them on Ebay for a profit to other suckers and wannabe autograph collectors.

This is why Ebay sellers of forgeries list their crap on Ebay' they know the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will purchase their forgeries.

And Ebay continues, as they have for the past twenty years, to profit from the sales of forgeries.

Then there's the Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, etc. forgeries listed by Ebay seller Roy8995 that look like "Coach's Corner Auctions" crap.

Here are the forgeries listed by Ebay seller Roy8995.

This is one hideous-looking Ty Cobb forgery listed by Ebay seller Roy8995.

Ugly Babe Ruth forgery listed by Ebay seller Roy8995.

Ugly Mickey Mantle forgery on a index card listed by Ebay seller Roy8995.

Another ugly babe Ruth forgery listed by Ebay seller Roy8995.

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I go to local auctions and theres always a mix of the good and the bad, Sometimes I just want to bid on this crap to destroy it...but they usually go for hundreds and if you tell other bidders its bad then the auction owner gets pissed off -_- I say let the idiots buy it, a huge chunk of the fakes if they want to spend 100 bucks three times on fakes instead of 300 on one real item oh well...sigh :(

This is what happens when an auto parts dealer ventures into selling autographs.

What probably happened is "Roy" stumbled across a bunch of autographs at a local auction for a price too good to resist. They had "forensic COAs," so they must be real, right? So "Roy" thought he stumbled across a cheap mother lode he could flip of ebay for a big profit. 

And so it goes...



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