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Couldn’t expect you to do that man 

I’ll happily pay for it 

Wow, that’s awesome Christopher. It warms my heart to see collectors being so nice to each other especially in such a financially-driven environment. Shady has been awesome to so many of us, so it’s great to see him being helped back!

Oh man don’t I’ll blush that’s such a nice thing to say 

I love this community really do I’d be lost without it 

Agreed! Definitely worth keeping an eye out though, ‘Cold Heart’ had an Elton restock if I remember correctly and there’s always the possibility that they need to shift more signed stock down the line in order to secure the Xmas #1 spot which they’re gunning for!

I don't know how these signed Elton John CDs always elude me.  Must be spending too much time focusing on work-LOL!  Oh well, I figure once the dust settles I can get one on eBay or trade something from my extras piles for one.  Would be nice if they'd do another drop though! 

Dont forget the people who always seem to get the items are either lucky dropping on here or spend absoloutely all their time on a computer red eyed constantly refreshing sites and searching day and night they cant work or must have a job where a computer is always on ,im of the opinion now after reading about people refreshing sites for restocks for days on end that sometimes its better to pay the £40 to a flipper as much as it grinds and save/enjoy two or three days of your life that you will never get back  

And me I’m on full time sick so nothing else better to do really I hardly go out any more even more so since covid if I’m honest 

They will go down hopefully on eBay and nab one or 2 then seems like the only way some of us are going to get 1 

Either way I’m happy I got Ed’s to go with my other Ed stuff so that’s a light at the end of that tunnel for me 

So if I want something badly enough, I will try to hit different sites for a few days, and if I don't succeed-then go aftermarket seller or trade away something.  But I view going to an aftermarket source too early kind of like George Costanza's paying for parking analogy on Seinfeld when he says "Paying for parking is like going to a prostitute. Why pay for it when if I apply myself I might be able to get it for free?"

If you have the time go for it ,each to their own ,if i drop lucky now great if not ill buy e bay and suck up the cost as ill do with the Elton/Ed whats a day of your life worth ,mines worth more than £40 quid 

I won't spend all day doing that stuff.  No time for it.  But persistence sometimes pays off.  I missed the Springsteen/Obama book because it was initially offered while I was on vacation in France. But I got lucky on Black Friday and picked up a copy at retail. 

If I don't get something, it won't end my life. It just keeps my money free for the next cool thing. I view it as I do with concerts. If I miss one show because the tix sold out and went crazy on the aftermarket-there will still be plenty of shows worth seeing.  If I overpay to see one-I might miss 2 good ones in the future. It's about opportunity cost. I guess for me, I try not to get too emotionally invested in getting a particular item because it causes you to make bad decisions and overpay.

Thats the way to look at it , it can become an obsession and you get caught up in other peoples excitement and to be honest buy stuff you never knew you wanted and probably didnt, to the people who are stuck at home for whatever reason i can understand that but im taking a step back ,maybe after a few days my wife might even start speaking to me again    

Don't get caught in FOMO -- there are plenty of deals to be had out there. Focus on what parts of your collection and what you want to expand and target those instead of the "catch-all" approach. You'll save a lot of money (and stress) in the long run.

Most of the big releases these days are being dominated by flippers (some using bots) to attempt to corner the market, but it all ends up back on the secondary market anyway. If I want signed Ariana/Bieber CDs or some of the other big auto releases from the past few months, many of those have dropped in price significantly since their crazy peak during the summer.

You have to weigh the time/cost analysis. I have no interest in dealing with the stress associated with trying to play "gotcha" on vendor websites or trying to resell something when hundreds of other sellers have the exact same idea when I can wait a few months and find it for half the going price or less. I learned my lesson years ago when I paid full price for a book (signed by a journalist) that I didn't get to reading for several years -- and that was before I found signed copies of it for one-fifth the price or less.

There will be plenty of signed Elton and Sheeran CDs available for more reasonable prices over the coming months. Stay the course.


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