Sadly just noticed that I missed this - did anyone manage to get one? I believe they sold out in the last few minutes. 

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Quick Christina!!!

Sold out again. I hope Christina got one!

I got an extra for her as we had a misunderstanding about communication 

Been totally removed from the site now no more restocks coming that’s it guys 

hope people managed to get a copy or 3 

Mine finally were delivered today (to the US). Weirdly this was the package that the tracking says originated in Germany (or the Netherlands for some reason), and it was shipped via Deutsche Post? Either way, they arrived safely which I'm happy about.

That’s crazy what a journey yours went on 


Good CD  Got 2 extra and open for any trade/sale offers

not sure if this is a mistake or not but I just noticed these are showing in stock in his U.S. store, seems kind of odd to add just this one this much later

Just got one for hahas. Wonder why the random restock on it.

a very odd restock, appreciate the heads-up

$7.99 shipping to US on a $5.98 CD single though, FYI

Good for anyone that still needs a "scribbly Ed" sig/



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