Sadly just noticed that I missed this - did anyone manage to get one? I believe they sold out in the last few minutes. 

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Amazing message me what your looking for?

Does anyone know when these are expected to ship? I thought they would have had them pre-signed and ready to go in order to count for charting, but between the restock and the fact that he seems to still be signing them, I'm guessing it'll be a while.

by the looks of the pic it’s just an E he signing so should do them pretty fast I reckon next week myself 

Hmmmm Signing an E in a Moving vehicle??? Great! 

Yeah I know mate not expecting them to be his best signing but for the price we can’t moan 

Well he was clear when he said that he was signing "bad habits" lol

ordered my 3 so might have extra one. Looking for possible trade fair to both. Not into scalping just for personal fortune. 

Until the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is reopened transactions must be private - they can not occur here or in any other Forum. Thank you.

Mines been shipped guys 

Just got shipping notification 

It seems like these might've been restocked earlier today based on some Twitter comments about people ordering ~15 hours ago. It no longer says "Sold Out" like it did, although like before, it currently pop-ups "out of stock" if you try to add one to your cart.

Mine arrived today not bad for 99p! 

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