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3 per order

ordered, thanks!

Thank you!

Site down?

Seems like it.

It's not the greatest site in the world.

When I went to the shipping page I suddenly had Cliff Richard in my order. I must have left one in my cart at Dig!

Thanks man only just got the email from the store lol

Thank You Soo Much! I ordered three for under £15 delivered: one for me and two for friends  (to save on shipping) ! 

Do you think they will ship internationally? The newsletter suggested this is UK only.

They cancelled my last order without any explanation.

"And just for my UK fans - we’ve got a limited number of signed CD singles of ‘Celestial’."

ordered 3, can't beat that, sure hope they will indeed ship to me here in Canada

Lester, thanks for finding this for us, not personally a huge fan but it works out to just over 5 Canadian bucks each delivered! I'm thinking some Christmas stocking stuffers with Ed's autograph! LOL




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