Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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Yes! I got mine on the website - it was just luck and being fast I guess 

I think I got super lucky, got it 3 minutes past the on sale time, had it in my basket and kept trying to check out. Somebody's payment must have not gone through. Pure luck. The ticket was an eticket, so easy to print tons of it, the only proof for an authentic book is the event wristband.

just got one, in the uk

Many thanks to the OP.

Not a massive fan of Elton, but hard to resist at that price.

I'm not sure if I got one or not, I tried signing up for the forwarding service and it said my order went through with the UK address they gave me, but I have received no order confirmation email nor is it showing on the myUKmailbox site. plus it only charged me UK shipping rates so does the forwarding company contact me now with what they are going to charge me to ship to the USA? I should have tried to figure out how this works before I ordered but didn't want to miss out.

It took about 20 minutes  for my confirmation e mail to come through, the forwarder will e mail you when it arrives with them and give you shipping option then

Yeah, I tried ordering both the Elton and the Jesy Nelson I couldn't order yesterday and have confirmation emails from both sites but no email. but if the forwarder emails you then that's what I'll wait for so thanks, I kind of hate ordering before I know what it will cost to get here but I can't imagine a CD single can be too bad

There's an option on the site to calculate a shipping quote. You have to make an estimate of the size and weight of the package, but since it's a CD that shouldn't be too difficult.

I tried to figure out the shipping quote and hopefully, I'm doing it wrong because the cheapest option I saw was over $50 and that will definitely get canceled. I'm not very good with centimeters and kilograms so hopefully, i figured it out wrong lol

I used the myukmailbox for the signed Queen CD, I think it was about $20 to ship it over here to USA. They will notify when they receive a package they scan the label and send you multiple reminders too, because the Queen showed up in 2 shipments and I debating leaving the CD there...

I hope they are not over selling.
it's been available for a while now...

He wants that number 1 spot. Might have signed a few for the twitter video then handed over the rest for an employee to sign, can't see Elton signing thousands of these. As for every signed items, if it doesn't sell out quickly at that level of fame, it's fishy.



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