Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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Awesome thanks... hopefully the package forwarding isn't too crazy expensive. Their fees were kind of confusing. 

I often use them in USA and UK. It would be around £10-$15 per small package (CDlike). You can save a bit when more packages are combines, but they also charge for combining, so not huge save.

My advice: use them only if you really want the autograph and don't care about the price. Direct shipping from the supplier will always be cheaper if it ships to your country.

Thanks. That's not bad for Elton John considering the price was cheap to begin with. I went ahead and got one. Looking forward to getting it as I am a fan of his and don't have his autograph yet. 

Elton and Ed are releasing a Christmas single together, if they sign tons of copies to get to number 1 both their signatures will become extremely easy to get (already the case for Ed)

I've been trying non-stop since it went live but I keep getting the red message.

It's been in my basket the whole time.

Are you guys who are successful taking it out your basket then re-adding it?

Thanks! :)

Was thinking the same thing I keep pressing the place order button and keep getting the red box 

It would be worth trying has worked for me in past for other orders 

Just got one, quick 

Yeah me too

Many, many thanks!
I also had problems with the order at the beginning, because my credit card was not accepted. With G Pay and my Forward Via address it finally worked out

Same :D

Thanks for the tip. i signed up for forwardvia and was able to place an order using gpay as well. Figured it was worth the risk since it was only $4.



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