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I came across this auction in New Zealand, where I live and this is an unusual item for this auction house. A full set of Beatles autographs. 

It seems they are not expecting a lot of bids, and it looks great to me! 


What's it really worth? People don't do serious autograph collecting here as far as I know. 

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That’s a full set of Neil Aspinall secretarials. I’ve seen them sell for a few hundred up to around $1,000.


So they're truly worth nothing, perhaps just memorabilia of the era.

The story is second hand that accompanies them, that makes it sound like he saw them sign... But it doesn't exactly say that specifically.

Steering clear. 

Yup...Neil Aspinall strikes again! He was The Beatles road manager...and he signed a ton of albums...autograph books and photos on behalf of the band...especially during the touring years...1963-1966.

Yes Neil strikes again. There are many signed Aspinall sets circulating in NZ. Most were signed during their 1964 down under tour. Many have been considered authentic and treasured for years by their owners. 

Wow! Hand signed by someone else! I don't know Beatles signatures much, pretty good faking though right? Secretarial are usually nothing like the real thing in the Marilyn Monroe world. 

Thanks for the heads up. My guy is a huge Beatles fan, he's not getting that as a present! 

Well they sold for $2,400! 

Neil Aspinall is a good forger though or is secretarial the term to use? That he did a good job copying is very problematic. 


I did contact them and they admitted it may be Neil Aspinall but they decided a second hand anecdote was good. The story sounds very unlikely to me 

Perhaps the term "proxy signature" applies here?

Well, they overpaid, but at least it isn’t worthless. Here’s a discussion that includes most of the Aspinall secretarials I’ve seen that have been authenticated. It’s all individual signatures and no full sets.


This set of Aspinall autographs were listed on TradeMe New Zealand on the 21 September 2013. They were signed for a guy who worked in the Hotel bottle shop where The Beatles were staying in Auckland NZ in 1964. They were framed.

I did contact the seller at the time but he got real upset. A different time and new story.

I posted the set on here.


What would a full Aspinall set generally go for? I can't believe that even a beautifully signed LP would go for more than a few hundred dollars - maybe five?

The most I’ve seen a correctly described set sell for was around $1,000, but they usually go for less.


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