Hey guys, can I trust Autographs with a global Authentics Certificate on it?


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Here is a collector with a collection full of Global crap that he has to stick with them.

Truth he told. Items that are authentic sell for more then items with Global Authentication. Only people that buy junk with their sticker are the same fools who still buy Drew Max, STAT, PAAS, ACE or stumble into Antiquities and drop a ton of cash on worthless junk.

"Mike" -- Do you work for GAI at the moment?  Or are you just shilling for them?  Everyone in our industry knows that anything with a Global sticker past or present makes the item worth MUCH less.  The fact that not one person on this site agrees with your praise of GAI and bashing all the other companies says alot about your motives. 

Absolutely agree, except that the Global sticker doesn’t make it worth much less, it makes it worth zilch!

Couldn’t agree more! Global awful inscriptions are a joke. You should have a forum and let us have fun with this company to post them and we can see how many are fake lol

Lol, what a load of crap. You never could trust Global and they NEVER will bring the premium PSA does. They have a horrible reputation for good reason. 

i like the way you look at it because i don't like the way people think ''once bad always bad'' but i think global should have change their name and go from there. i understand others who do get a strange feeling about global because when i see items authenticated by them on ebay i always think ''could it be real?''. the worst examples on ebay are 2 autographed michael j fox autographed photo's with global authentics coa's.

To me, Global means, a whole lot of fakes all over the world.

Couldn’t agree more. Global is a joke 

The Yaz and McGwire are pretty bad. I think Yaz's autograph is one that is very tough to forge and his autograph has been consistent for years. The one shown is beyond horrible. The McGwire is an attempt to forge his early year signature but was probably done very recently.

Below is a link to a thread I posted on Global Authentics.

Ultimately, you'll be the one to decide if you want to use them or not.


It’s just that over a period of years, it seems that either forgers themselves or frustrated sellers with questionable inventories would turn to Global as their fallback authenticator when more legit authenticators wouldn’t pass their items.  Or in fact, these sellers and forgers knew from the get-go that there was no chance anyone else other than Global or perhaps the lengendary Drew Max or Christopher Morales would pass their stuff.  And once you get a reputation that you’ll pass anything scribbled on a piece of paper, it’s hard to reinvent yourself as legit.

Is this Reggie bush signature real?



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