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Had the pleasure of visiting the Beatles Museum in Halle, Germany this morning. Overwhelmed by the collection, it’s one of the best in Europe, if not the world.

While perusing, I stumbled upon a complete set of all four Beatle signatures. The note below the signatures, in German, revealed they were a copy of the originals, with the originals remaining in the museum archives. 

What do you think?

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They believe that it’s an authentic set??? Those are Fan Club secretarials. 

Yes, they believe they’re genuine.

They have many wonderfully signed items including several gems signed by Astrid & Klaus.

That’s shocking, especially if it has been on display for some time.

Indeed. It perhaps speaks to the curator(s) and/or the visitors (those who should know better). On the other hand, they might be reluctant to take it down for a variety of reasons.

Apparently so. I would guess that a number of people have probably made them aware of it. 

When I approached the gentleman at the counter and asked if they were aware the signatures were fakes, he had a typical response: how dare I suggest it was garbage. From his reaction, it sounds as if they truly didn’t know. While I, too, found it hard to believe, it was the only set I found which wasn’t genuine. They clearly worked hard to provide as many genuine items possible, and rightly so. This one slipped through the crack!

Germany/Austria/Switzerland are home to some of the planet's heaviest hitters in the autograph-selling market.

I find it extraordinary that I often come across items for sale from sellers in these countries who seem to think it is not necessary to provide images of their products alongside their listings.

This is Beethoven's signature. €8000 please and you can take my word for it - it is real.

Is it a cultural thing? It could be but it puzzles me nonetheless.

I can only speak about Switzerland but I'd say the autograph market is certainly not the same as in the US/UK. I don't buy from heavy hitter dealers so I haven't seen their catalogues or sites (apart from those of Markus Brandes, who does include illustrations) but generally people are more trusting and less prepared to pay really big money for autographs and most other collectibles. I have never bought an autograph over here with third party authentication and usually those items that are offered for sale with authentication have bogus certificates of authenticity.  

Good heavens. Not the first errant item I have seen in a museum.

Beatles "signatures" from the Fan Club...they think these are legit?...Wow!

that is pretty shocking



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