I was recommended this forum by someone who advised me about my fathers collection - My father passed away - he was a collector for many years, always buying, never selling.   I am trying to figure out some of the items in his collection and decide what/if I should sell, and what is worth spending to authenticate, etc.   There are thousands of items.    I was hoping this forum could help me with these Beatles signed 8x10 photos.  They were purchased from Michael Wehrmann in 1989 by my father and have the pictured handwritten receipts along with the items.    I've been successfully taking a small about of his higher value items to JSA  or PSA for authentication, but given the size of the collection, it's not feasible (time or money) to authenticate all of it.   Some things have certs from where they were purchased, but I am wondering about these hand written receipts and if that stands up?  Please let me know your thoughts on either the autographs or the source documentation.    I hear that there is a lot of knowledgable people here - I would welcome any feedback (good or bad) regarding these - trying to learn!  


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Very poor forgeries all - using Wehrmanns name to sell junk too. It's 33 years ago - I see no recourse.

I'm was mistaken. I'm sorry. In Person graphs can be tricky!

They look fine to me, actually. All of them. Typical rushed Wehrmann's.

I remember Mike's stuff when he was one of the few out there doing this (late 80's - early 90's). 

And I don't remember ever questioning his ethics. His items were pricey, and he was kind of dork-ish (IMHO) - but dependable.

I'd continue doing what you're doing, soliciting opinions here, taking suggestions from other collector's, and you'll eventually settle on some solid answers.

And please, never be shy or hesitant about asking questions.

I agree with Jim. They’re authentic in-person signatures in my opinion.

Well I guess I’m wrong on this one!

Authentic, but super rushed imo

Thanks everyone - I really appreciate the feedback here (pros and cons) from everyone - I'm impressed by the level of knowledge here

I know a lot about Beatles signatures. These look good. Sloppy in person, but good. One thing that works in your favor (as crazy as this sounds) is that they do look sloppy. When people forge the Beatles (which all have styles that are VERY EASY to duplicate/forge), they almost look too perfect when done that way. It's better in some ways to have them, like the Harrison, look like this.


Michael Wehrmann is the Tom Brady of in-person autographs--a superhero. Superfast and he scored.

Lots of forgers claim Mike got the sigs, so like most autographs you can't go on who someone said it came from and it could have fake paperwork.

Wehrmann was one of the first "rack 'em up" IP dealers. He had a way that perhaps no one else had before or since to get invited to celeb parties and talk celebs into signing stacks. He got some GREAT-looking autographs but more than a few looked like he drove by the star on the freeway and had them sign 10 while passing them at 90 MPH.

The McCartney has clear well-known characteristics through the "M". The rest of McCartney is tougher but I have no problem with it.

Ringo looks real but Mike must have driven past him at 180 MPH.

Love that Harrison - the autograph rather than the photograph. Reminds me a bit of my rushed George, mine being even more rushed and less legible:


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